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Drugs And Addiction Essay

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The drugs that fascinate man most – the ones that inspire us to poetry or drive us to murder – are those that affect the brain and the spinal cord on which it rests. Some of the first drugs used were said to have been used in link to religion and superstition. Some of these drugs include alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, ether, procaine, LSD, marijuana, cocaine, and heroine. The list of the amount of drugs known to man is almost endless, and there are constantly new drugs being invented or discovered in the things we see around us every day. Within the decades to come, there could be five times as many drugs as there are in today’s day.
From a medical standpoint, drugs were only to be used in the medical field. Medicines are drugs that are intended to speed up or slow down or change something about the way your body is working. Some of the first drugs introduced to man were used as pain relievers. These drugs were first used as an anesthetic when performing surgery to dull pain. However, doctors could still not safely abolish the pain completely. As the invention of drugs increased and were being discovered, so were the ways in which they could be used and abused. All drugs used by man, have effects on the brain, whether used for good or bad. Drugs block messages to the brain which can severely slow the body’s reaction times and functions. They also block off all sensations, the desirable ones along with the unwanted.
All drugs are essentially poisons. The amount of the drug taken determines the effect. A small amount acts as a stimulant, a greater amount acts as a sedative, and a larger amount is highly poisonous and can kill. Drugs blur the memory, causing blank spots in the mind. They can cause you to feel slow or stupid and cause failures in life. A common told lie about drugs is that they help a person become more creative. Drugs can act as and provide false “pleasure pathways” creating artificial happiness. This is only temporary and leaves you lower than before, and will eventually completely destroy the creativity a person has. If you do not use medicines as they are meant to be used, they can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs. One false idea of drugs is that they are okay and can’t be considered harmful if they are legal. Drugs that are legal can in fact have worse effects than some illegal drugs.
An estimated 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs (The Truth About Drugs). In a survey in 2007, it was shown that 19.9 million Americans (or eight percent of the population aged twelve or older) used illegal drugs in the month prior to the survey (The Truth About Drugs). Young people today are being exposed to drugs earlier than ever before in recorded surveys. In 2007, forty-five percent of high school students nationwide drank alcohol and nineteen percent smoked pot during a one-month period (The Truth About Drugs). The percent has drastically gone up since then. In countries where alcohol and marijuana are legal and...

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