Drugs And Medicine, Critical Difference! Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between a drug and a medicine is? In most cases people think of drugs and medicines as the same, they both attempt to solve a problem in your body or your psychological state; however, that is false. Drugs and medicines are actually the complete opposite of each other (“Critical Difference”, n.d). Medicines are substances that can be liquids or pills etc. that are used to restore your body to its normal condition giving you control over your body; on the other hand, what about drugs? What does it do to our body and mind in general and what do some specific drugs do? Information about drugs, its effect, and the effects of different types of drugs specifically marijuana, cocaine, heroin and alcohol will be explained.

A drug is a substance that can be made from chemicals or plants etc. that unlike medicine, which gives you control over your body; it actually takes control over your body itself depending on the drugs nature and purpose. How do sleeping pills work? They take control over your body and force you to sleep. In this example the forced sleep is not normal or natural which means the effect is not caused from a medicine but a drug and so sleeping pills are actually labeled as drugs. When you have a sleeping pill you simply can’t fight back the force that’s making you sleep as you lost control over your mind and body and the drug took the control.
But how do drugs actually take this control? When a drug enters the body it releases chemicals that interact with cell’s receptors or neurotransmitters (NT) or even enzymes depending on its function. While attached to the receptor or NT, the drug can either copy/mimic or even block the function of what it is attached to and in this case the drug is called an agonist. When a drug works on an enzyme, which is a body regulator, that drug is either an inhibitor/depressant or activator. (“How Do Drugs Work”, n.d)

Drug Addiction / Drug Dependence
When a person consumes or uses drugs, his body starts depending on it and cannot function properly without it; this is what is called Drug Addiction or Drug Dependence. Using the example of the sleeping pill, when a person starts sleeping using sleeping pills, his body gets altered due to the effect of the drug, and it could be his neurotransmitters that are altered, and cause the body to no longer know how to sleep normally. The body will start carving for the sleeping pill and live on the fake low quality sleeps and this is the main reason drugs are harmful.
A drug makes you its slave. When enslaved by a drug you cannot live without it and if you try to rehab from drug usage or simply cut off the drug you are faced by a challenge which is drug withdrawal which is the main reason rehab is very difficult and requires time to achieve.

Drug Withdrawal
Withdrawal in general is a term referred to when having negative feelings from stopping the consumption of a substance and such feelings include discomfort and...

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