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Drugs And Music How Drugs Have Taken A Toll In Our Music's History

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Drugs in the music IndustryThe Music World-glamorous, fast paced, and a world most of us will never be part of. But if we knew what it entailed, would we still want to be? The whole world seems to be building itself around drugs more and more every day, and music industry isn't immune. In fact, music is one of the most influential art forms of today's society, and drugs, especially to today's youth, just add to the attractiveness of it all.In the last two or three years, drugs, especially heroin, have risen in use dramatically. Kurt Cobain was the most high-profile drug-related rock star since the 1970's and was still battling heroin addiction when he committed suicide in 1994. Along with ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, the outsider's view of drug use isn't the harsh reality. Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, and Charlie Parker are among the many to die from heroin and other drug addictions. Drugs seem to make you a funnier, wiser, cooler person, but what the younger generation fails to realize is that they are fatal.Despite this, drug use continues to soar. People mistakenly think that drugs, if taken a certain way, aren't addictive, when even marijuana, thought to be a harmless "high", has been found addictive.The fear is that drug use is becoming another trend. The streets of Seattle are cluttered with young people who have moved there just to do heroin just like Kurt Cobain did-all this at a time when the people in the Seattle music scene claim that drug use among musicians is tapering off (Newsweek p 54).McGuire 3Smashing Pumpkins fired drummer Jimmy Chamberlin after finding that he was addicted to heroin along with late keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin. This was definitely a step in the right direction, although they may have done it for the public acclaim. But will other bands follow? If they did, there wouldn't be any musicians left. Nonetheless, the Smashing Pumpkins didn't lose their place on the top ten charts. They didn't get pushed into the trash pile, and if they survived, who's to say that no one else will?People speculate that the pressures of success put a strain on musician's lives and push them to use drugs to feel better about themselves, but they're not really very different from normal people. Musicians are just common people who play music. Drug addicts are all people, and names don't matter. Contrary to popular belief, musicians aren't royalty to be worshipped and looked up to. They breathe in and out just as normal human beings and have no more reason to give into the temptation of drug use than we do.The natural tendency for people is to be accepted and to feel wanted. We take risks just to look better and more courageous than our peers because we're competing for popularity due to their own insecurities. The younger generation is the most impressionable of today's world, and they do what they see as fashionable and "in". This doesn't mean that adults don't join in on this competition. Each person's job or company has to be bigger and better than the next.McGuire 4The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, best...

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