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Drugs, Gangs And Juveniles Essay

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John seems to be getting himself involved in the wrong crowds. At his last check-in there was a
noticeable gang symbol marked in between his two fingers. When comforting John about
the gang, he basically avoided the question. This was his bi-weekly check which required a drug
test to be administered. In which the drug test came back positive for crystal meth and marijuana. He
does not seem to have a positive outlook and seem to be very uncooperative with his mother and the
John possibly having a borderline drug addiction problem will only make things
worse in the end for him. Now drugs will not only impact the juveniles arrest for either
possession,selling,etc but effect their (criminal) behavior in life. Drugs are something in which comes
with gang involvement in a lot cases. Although, the juvenile does the drug out of peer pressure and
does it to fit in. Juveniles who turn to drugs and become addicted end up facing more criminal
penalties. Juveniles are considered to be the most vulnerable to fall under peer, media, society pressure
which makes them an easy target. Thus, the use of drugs and or alcohol deters their minds even more
and helps make it easier for them to engage in more criminal mischief.
The drug test in which was given to John tested positive for a very strong called drug
crystal meth. Crystal meth is considered a strong narcotic in which is classified in the same class as
cocaine. This drug is primarily a street drug in which is used among individuals at parties, raves,
among gangs, etc. The outcome of being addicted to crystal meth for to long will lead to death. This
drug primarily is considered a highly addictive drug of choice. The other drug that John tested positive
for was marijuana. Marijuana has been known to be the most popular drug of choice among juveniles.
It has been known to interfere with learning development,short term memory, social skills and more.
Not only is addiction a possible problem with this juvenile but many other problems may arise from
this substance abuse.
There are many affects that can occur when a juvenile is associated with drugs. Things
that will mainly be affected are: academics, mental health, physical health, behavior and more. A
juvenile will eventually see a decline in their grades since their mental status will be affected. Thus,
leading to absenteeism from school, life events and other activities. Many children (juveniles) drop out
of school all together when they get to attached to substances, which then becomes substance abuse.
The drug soon over powers their life in which they can no longer concentrate on the easiest of
things. Substances will cause an individuals mental state to be blurry and be out of control. One may
not be able to function very well, think, drive, or even speak clearly. Mental state of these individuals
can change rapidly. Some mental health risk drugs impose are depression, hallucinations, anxiety,
suicide and...

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