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Drugs In Australian Society Discuss The Policies Australia Has On Drugs And How To Prevent Drug Abuse.

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Drugs are a big problem throughout Australia. Hundreds of people die each year from drug overdoses and many crimes can be easily linked to drug use.John Howard has devoted $516 million of the Federal budget to the 'tough on drugs' stance Australia has taken. Despite this, drugs are still a large problem that affects everybody throughout society in some form.The control of drugs has been a world-wide concern since the International Opium Commission, also known as the Shanghai Conference held in 1909. An Opium Conference at the Hague in 1911 created the first treaty which tried to control opium and cocaine through a world wide agreement. This was known as the 1912 Hague Opium Convention.The Hague Convention has been administered by the United Nations as of 1946.The International Narcotics Control Board was established in 1968 and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs was established even earlier in 1946.The role of the International Narcotics Board is to limit the cultivation, production, manufacture and utilisation of drugs and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs is the main policy making commission within the United Nations for dealing with all questions about drug control.Australia's drug policy, the National Illicit Drug Strategy, commonly known as 'tough on drugs' plays a major role in the control of illicit drugs in Australia.The Howard government has allocated $516 million to try to reduce the supply and demand for illicit drugs.$225 million of that $516 million has been allocated to numerous supply reduction measures to intercept more illicit drugs at the country and state borders.The remaining $291 million has been allocated to reducing the demand for drugs, covering the following 5 main areas.1. Treatment of users of illicit drugs, including identification of best practice.2. Prevention of illicit drug use.3. Training and skills development for front line workers who come into contact with drug users or at risk groups.4. Monitoring and evaluation, including data collection.5. Research.The Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs has also been formed to provide advice on policies for government ministers on a wide range of drug-related matters.Compared to the United States, Australia's policy on drugs is cheap.The United States policy is one which emphasises on law...

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