Drugs In Our Society Essay

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Drugs in Our Society

With the use of drugs being such a controversial issue in today’s society we felt as a group it was important to further explore this issue. As we possess a high interest in how drugs affect a number of social groups. These groups of course range from young teens to high-class older individuals who will have different reasons and different acceptable standards of behaviour.
     The question that is being explored in our presentation asks what drugs are doing to our society. This means exploring the various groups that use recreational drugs their reasons for this the effects that drug use has and the methods to help prevent and stop use of drugs. By recreational drugs we mean such substances as marijuana and heavier more addictive drugs as heroin and cocaine. For which the use of these has increased throughout society over time.

     Recreational drugs are not limited to any particular group in society meaning that a very wide variety of people choose to use these drugs these of course include teenagers, parents, business people and often very dedicated students for a number of reasons. For a long time the common misconception that only youths use drugs and those who do are disrespectful and dishonest has become out dated and inaccurate. Teenagers can use drugs and there are certainly individuals who do who are disrespectful and dishonest however this is more likely to do with an individual’s personality than their use or experimentation of drugs.

     The survey we conducted showed that most people believed it was more common for youths in the 14 to 22 age group to use recreational drugs. This was closely followed by the 23 to 30 age group, while the 13 and under age group was considerably further behind. The survey question that followed indicated that people also believed that drug users were irresponsible and inconsiderate. This slightly supports the misconception that teens are more likely to be involved with recreational drugs.

     The reasons why people choose to use drugs will differ from group to group. While for many the use of drugs serves as an escape from the stresses of everyday life for others it is exactly used as it is called for recreational purposes. People also take drugs to feel happy and relax. The major reason among is still believed to be that of peer pressure, often teens feel the need to be accepted which means taking drugs is the way to fit in. This should not be the case, however due to that strong need for acceptance it often is. The age groups and situations will no doubt vary and the extent to which one continues the use of recreational drugs is debatable and uncertain. The way society is affected by people taking drugs differs with the reasons why people take drugs. If an individual takes drugs to escape, then drugs are their relief and they may become addicted and therefore may become a danger to themselves and society. People in today’s society constantly face...

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