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Test Editorial Joshua Williams

Should all teens be subjected to random drug tests?

Yes, I honestly believe that they should, because most teens today abuse the substance
of a drug coming into a drug free work base environment. It distracts focus of other students
who come to school to learn. I’m currently enrolled in St. Louis Job Corps and I find it
difficult to understand why is it so easy to bring drugs onto the campus, and the reason
why it’s so easy is because Job Corp has poor security that rarely searches the students for drugs.

There’s a lot of students here who uses, and abuse marijuana , cocaine, and
amphetamines. These drugs causes so much chaos in the work environments. Students should be
required to submit a drug test; it puts a lot of pressure on them making them aware that they
could possibly be terminated from the program. Having illegal substances on school grounds and
attempting to distribute drugs is against the law resulting with serious ...view middle of the document...

So it makes them contradict the actions that they portray, in spite the
necessary adjustments, to the policies that have been put in place to control the substance of drug
use. In the case of most schools, and work place sites.

This doesn’t apply to most county school districts because of high academics in private
education. If the school systems, and the work force could be more consistent about the
learning and education activities in the lower class communities. Possibly could there be
a better way to understand why people do have the right qualifications to input such a system in a
most desperate needed area. Think about all the jobs that consist of nursing small infants and
children ages 3/12. What if most workers was under the influence of a drug or alcoholic
beverage, and a worker drops an infant child?

It’s against the law to work under the influence of any drug while working and handling
children, that person goes to jail. It’s the same thing when it comes to the schools that supports
the all student subjected to a random drug testing. This policy is actually trying to prevent those
mistakes from happening here in the school systems. Most people wouldn’t understand why, and
just continue on doing it again. It really is an embarrassment to the staff, teachers, the board of
education, and the principle. There the ones who opens doors for young teenagers so that they
can gain an education for the future.

Even though the diversities in the school districts continue on doing what’s not right.
“Teenagers are still just kids developing”. Knowing, but not knowing what they are doing! In
due time being responsible is a very important aspect of life. If you’re a parent and your child
used to go to school but dropped out because of drug abuse? I really feel the pain that you have
life isn’t what it seems. This stuff destroys families and lives. If more schools from state to state
join together to come up with an idea for “Drug Testing” period. Even volunteers can help create
a more orchestrated system that gives the people of the “United States of America” 3 main
reasons for quitting. Rehabilitation for abusing drug substances, drugs causing physical damage,
and parents’ disapproval of their young teen’s actions. Random drug test creates more lives and a
better positive thinkers for the future.

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