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Drugs In Sports Essay

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Athletes that use drugs while performing in the Olympic games should have some type of punishment. They should not just be able to get away with everything. Even though not every athlete uses drugs while performing, any drugs that is, the ones who do should have to pay the price. When they use drugs while they are performing, they are risking their whole career, and even their life. Athletes should be required to take a drug test if they plan on performing in the Olympics. Athletes that use drugs should be punished in some kind of way. It is not fair to the athletes that are true to themselves and their teams: they will punish their team, their life and their career.
Athletes that use drugs while they are involved in a sport can possibly ruin their careers. Many Olympic athletes have almost ruined their career due to using performance-enhancing drugs. When they use a performance-enhancing drug, they are able to perform better at their sport or event they are in. When using a performance-enhancing drug or any drug, one could get kicked off the team. When one is participating in the Olympics, there is a rule that an athlete is not allowed to have any drug in their body while performing at their event or the duration of the Olympic events. Even if you do not take the drug or do drugs at the Olympics there still will be consequences, for instance like Michael Phelps. Phelps was caught smoking a bong at a local University in South Carolina; when a spectator snapped a picture of him smoking the bong. The spectator then took the picture to the public. Even though at the time he was not competing in the Olympics or even using a performance-enhancing drug, he still got in some serious trouble for that incident. “The reaction was immediate. USA Swimming banned Phelps from competing for three months” (Ritson 22). What an athlete does “off the court” will affect them “on the court.” Drug testing should be required for all Olympic athletes. If they drug tested all of the athletes that performed there, everyone would have the same chance of winning, or even have a fair shot at all the medals.
While using drug can affect one’s career, getting caught using them will really mess someone’s career up. Most Olympic athletes have one or more endorsements. When they have an endorsement, they are to make sure they make the brand look good. They have to do what ever it takes to make sure that they look good and that consumers will still buy that item. For example, when Michael Phelps got caught using the bong, most of his endorsements when away. He was not the example that the brand wanted. If an athlete or a celebrity can do it, why can we? That is the question a lot of the brands were getting. Since the brands were getting these questions, they would drop Phelps from the brand. “The media reported that his lucrative sponsorship deals would almost certainty dry up” (Ritson 22).
When Olympic athletes use any kind of drug, they are risking their...

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