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Drugs In Sports Gives An Unfair Advantage

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My topic is drugs in sports. My opinion on Drug in Sports is that is wrong and it gives an unfair advantage to the users. Doping ( taking banned drugs to improve one’s performance ) in professional sports is illegal. Many people dope because it makes them better at their sports. For some athletes, along with doping comes the ability of sporting, personal and financial reward. To many people, the difference between failure and victory may appear to be as small as a pill in the palm of someone’s hand. The drugs doper’s take give them an unfair advantage, by improving their sports enhancement. Why athlete’s dope is a complex question and interplay between many factors. One factor, is ...view middle of the document...

Injections, pills, medicines, or any other type of drug being used during a sport to give an unfair advantage is cheating.

All of these drugs have many side effects. They can be very damaging to your body, or they can even kill you. One of the side effects for pills and medicines is difficult memory. Some others include muscle tremor, which is bad for things that include steady hand movement. They can also cause an irregular heartbeat, or high blood pressure. They can increase the chances of having a seizure, cause feeling of paranoia. Also, one of the most common side effects is poor judgement or decision making, which can cause more bad choices. Blood Doping can also cause side effects. Blood Doping can put you in deadly health risks, if not done the correct way. Also, because of the irregular amount of red blood cells, the is a increased risk of stroke, heart attack, or pulmonary and cerebral embolism.

What are some of the Pros and Cons of drug usage? Well, the pros are that they improve physical ability when used, but only for a short time. Even though there are many negative effects there are still healthy/positive effects if the drug is used properly, and is not abused. The cons are that they are illegal and you can get in a lot of trouble if you get caught. Also, as we have already discussed, they have many negative effects if the drug is abused or isn’t used correctly. They can cause damage to you body, and they can even kill you. Also, even though they increase your athletic performance, it is only for a short time. They can cause depression, which will lose your motivation for the sport. This can cause you to be lazy and not try your best, which can result in being kicked off your team.
Overall, Drugs in sports is a major problem, and needs to be stopped. We need less people to use drugs. They are bad and give an unfair advantage. There are...

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