Drugs Make People Change An Essay By Arsen Sogoyan

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Writing an essay on biological aspects of metamorphosis is not what I can do with proper motivation, but in this paper I intend to consider metamorphosis as a process of social transformation when both environment and mankind might change. Therefore, my aim is to describe how drugs may affect lives.People have been taking drugs since time immemorial. As the well-known economist Diane Coyle (2004: 29) has observed, the ancient Greeks took opium and the Aztecs were aware of the narcotic effects of marijuana . Yet, based on that fact we can only ask a rhetorical question: why is the catastrophe discussed and feared only now?I suppose that the reason is the following. As Volodin (2002: 226-234) points out, before the early XX c. all the drugs were referred to as medicines and a doctor could easily prescribe you cocaine for depression. People knew that drugs cause sweet or sad hallucinations but did not bother to estimate their disastrous influence on the body.What upsets scientists and ordinary people the most is that there is a high percentage of juveniles involved in drugs, especially those aged 12 – 17: 30% approximately (Karzov, 1995). Here is what happened to a kid who had been smoking marijuana since he was 13 (Baily, 2003):Over the next five years, Alby smoked marijuana every day, several times a day. He went to school high and eventually dropped out. "I was losing focus. My attention went from 100 to 0. I was depressed," he says.Nobody can actually predict how an addict would act after taking a dose. Some bad trips make people change their lifestyles completely, even change the religion! (Shaytwist, 2004) As Nepokoychitskiy (2004: 634) noted, an addict can get an idea that he is able to fly and consequently commit suicide. Volodin (2001: 119) warns us that addicts can do strange and terrible things spontaneously, all the same talking to an addict equals to talking to furniture. Therefore, we are concerned about the social...

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