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Drugs Problem: To Legalize Or Not To Lehalize Drugs

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The United States is engaged in a war, not the terrorist war, but another war less noticeable. We are both the creators and victims of our own drug problems. We are a feel-good-quick society, a society of short-cuts and of instant gratification. American society does not handle its drug problem very well. We might agree quickly that American citizens as mature adults should be responsible enough to take drugs for whatever the problem they might have. But that idea falls through when we recognize how much the media influences us to appear or to act in a certain way. The drug problem has reached its peak in our society, and the government is thoroughly intertwined in the decision of legalizing drugs. From the richest suburbs to the poorest ghettos, the drug problem is in full swing. The question whether to legalize drugs is causing numerous problems, and all the solutions that have been proposed fail to stop the drug war. I believe if we attempt to make a solution before we know the cause it is usually a waste of time and money, and often makes things worse.The main reason why there is a drug war is that it causes a high number of crimes. Historically, crime has always been a problem even before the fabrication of alcohol and drugs. "Drugs have become so widespread that people in all parts of the country" (Masaki) are affected every day as if it was a contagious disease. For most individuals drugs are considered as a method of relaxation for economical, social, and political stress, but for others drugs are necessary to survive physical and emotional pain. There will always be a conflict between goods and the government if the goods are unhealthy to the society as a whole. Legalization of drugs has pros and cons, which makes it harder to choose whether drugs should be legalized or remain illicit. I believe there are good reasons in favor of legalizing drugs, but there are also good reasons not to legalize drugs.First of all, let us be clear that the term "drugs" and the phrase "drug problems" are overused. When the word "drug" is mentioned, we often know it as "a substance other then food intended to affect the structure or function of the body" (Longman Dictionary). Assuming that this is true, we can make the hypothesis that prescription, counter and street drugs can be used to cure or prevent health problems; likewise, it can also be unhealthy for any individual who takes drugs, as they may become addicted to the drug. Why does the government allow regulation of over-the-counter drugs that also can pose a potential threat to society? Drugs that are both illegal and legal can be used for the same purpose of making a person feel emotionally and physically satisfied.Although, the United States has a drug problem, not everyone in the United States uses drugs because the problem is an individual issue. The choice to use drugs is an individual decision and each person should face the consequence of his/her decision. The legalization of drugs is...

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