A Study Of The Druid Religion

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We chose to do Druidism as our religion. I think my favorite part of this project was doing the interview. It took us an hour to get there, and we had to stop and walk. We went up this road that wasn’t plowed before we even got to the driveway. I kept falling in the snow, it was really hard to walk. But when we got there it was beautiful.
The house was all hand made, and completely round. The walls have trees in the middle of them, with glass bottles for light. Their whole house was designed by them. The only thing I wouldn’t have liked about the house was they had to use an outhouse to go to the bathroom. We didn’t dare ask where they showered. But, I look up to them for living this way. I really couldn’t do it.
We chose this topic because we wanted to do something different, and something a lot of the other people wouldn’t think of. We chose Wicca at first but couldn’t find anywhere to go. One of my other teachers suggested the Green Mountain Druids, and we thought they looked interesting. When we were still planning on doing Wicca I wanted to focus on is the God and Goddess aspect of the religion.
What is your stand on evolution with your belief that the god and goddess made the universe?

Where do they stand regarding other deities? What are the similarities and differences?

In my research I found reference to the All. If the All is a belief you hold can you give me a person definition?

How do we come across the gods and goddesses in our everyday lives? How do they effect us?

I have found that some are taken from other religions or histories. Is there a reason for that? Do they work the same? Are their Wiccan based gods and goddesses that only pertain to Wicca?

What advise can you give me from your experience about how to find a god or goddess? How do you know what do believe?

Are there any “default” gods that you would go to? Do you pray? If so to whom?

What would your response be to someone who doesn’t understand being polytheistic?

I read that both that the earth is a god/goddess and that Mother Nature is a goddess. What do you believe? Is that something that is taught?

My book said that you choose your deities. If that is true are you resigned to only work with them forever?

These are the questions that I had originally picked to ask for my interview. But after we changed subjects it didn’t go with them anymore. When thinking up the questions, I thought of the things that I wanted to know and found the most interesting. Wicca is always something that I’ve loved to learn about, so questions weren’t that hard. When I asked about them in the interview the list of questions weren’t really needed. The subject of deities differs a lot between people who practice Druidism.
The Druids go way back into history. There is more than one type of Druid. The Druids that you would read about in history books are far different than the ones practicing today. I chose to focus on the gods or goddesses aspect of their beliefs.

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