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Benson 6I intend to show how Druids were an integral part of ancient Celtic culture. When one hears the word "Druid", many images come to mind. One could think of Stonehenge, long flowing white robes, and shadowed faces. It may surprise someone to hear that Druids were healers. Druids were many things to the ancient Celts. Druids were philosophers who sought the "truth" for their people. Even though Druids are a part of history, they serve as historians to their people. For fun and merriment there was a special class of Druids called Bards. Druids were an integral part of Celtic religion. Also, druids were masters' of auguries and astronomy.The ancient Celts were one of the first societies to appear in the north, above the Alps. They were called the Keltoi by the Greeks. Keltoi or Celit is an Irish word meaning secret or hidden. The Celts passed down their knowledge orally; they did not start writing their history untill the Christian era. "In trying to understand Celtic motivations, their attitudes, philosophies and laws, we are handicapped by the early prohibition of the Celts against committing their knowledge to written record" (Ellis 13). The Celts were a tribal society of farmers. They had metal working skills not only used for farming, but weapons. They crafted beautiful jewelry and pottery. They had a complex code of tribal laws that were overseen by the Druids. Two warring Celtic tribes could have their weapons out, ready to fight, and a Druid could march in, raise their hands and all fighting would cease immediately. That was the power of the Druids.Druids were the aristocracy of the Celtic people. To become a Druid one must apprentice at a Druidic schools. Unfortunately, there is some debate over when one of these Druidic apprenticeships began. The first theory is that children started at a young age learning the Druidic path and graduated when they were twenty. The second theory is that apprenticeships started at twenty and graduated at forty. Druids were the only instructed and educated of the ancient Celts. "They were adviser to kings, influenced and often took precedence even over the kings, being held in great respect" (Ellis 80).Unlike other civilizations at that time, women had authority and could be Dryades, female Druids, or Druidesses. In Rome or Greece women could not escape the patriarchal society in which they lived. Ancient Celtic women had all the same rights as men. They could receive land, hold positions in government, and fight wars. One of the most famous Druidesses is Boudicca, who led an uprising against Rome.Druids were great healers. In Welsh and Irish mythology male and female Druids appeared time and again to cure the sick. Druids knew many different herbs and their uses. In Irish mythology Goll Mac Morna and Furbaide were delivered by caesarian section preformed by a Druid. The medical knowledge of the Druids is also shown by "The Ovingdean Trephined Skull" (Ellis 212). This skull was found with two holes...

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