Drunk And Dead (From Alyssa's Point Of View)

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Matt's Girlfriend also wrote the following based on what he had written in "Drunk and Dead." both these people are dear friends of mine.the alarm clock ring loud and disturbing. I rolled over and hit the snooze button and closed my eyes for a moment. I opened them to see the clock written across it "9:31am" I growled loudly and sat up, exposing my naked back. I reached towards the floor and threw on my robe. I opened the door and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a cup and filling it with coffee. After I drank the disgusting black coffee I stepped into the shower, the water pouring down my skin. When I stepped out the air was extremely cold on my skin. I dryed myself off and looked into the mirror. Hair tousled and mascara ran down my face from the night before. I whiped it away and tried to take of as much as possible. After I put on my makeup and did my hair I looked actually normal to myself again. I walked out to my car. I had to do a couple of things before I had to go to some dumb party my friends wanted me to go to, Gary. It was something I never go to but Gary says I am being too anti-social lately. I drove around till around eight and realized I had to be at the party in five minutes. I drove up to the drive way only to see what I feared. It looked like a frat party gone wrong. I sighed heavily and stepped out of the vehicle. I walked up to the door and some pimple faced kid opened the door." Oh, YOU'RE here." He sighed."Yah." I said blankly. I pushed past him and stepped in, looking for Gary. He was up at the bar chugging back his beer and sucking on his smoke. I walked up to him giving a bad look." Well hello stranger." He laughed, and then added in a wink. I glared at him." I hate this party." I protested. He grabbed a cooled and handed to me." Go suck on a bottle, baby" He laughed hoarsely and then began to choke. I stared at my bent over friend and turned around and walked towards the nearest sofa. I sat down heavily. The only way this night could get better was if I got extremely drunk and had a one night stand. But I highly doubt that would happen. I looked at the cooler in my lap and chugged half of it back, leaving a ring of black lipstick around the top of the bottle. I looked beside me. There was a tall, drunken jock beside me. I sighed heavily and turned away from him. I looked down at the bottle and looked back at him. He looked at me for a moment and I raised an eyebrow at him and smiled. Even though I could tell he wasn't my type, he looked really cute. I looked down again. I sighed hard again. I drank the rest of the bottle and put my hand on my wrist. Hoping no one could see the scars. I pulled my shirt down on my hands. I looked back over at the guy and he smiled at me. I smiled back at him, praying to myself he wasn't as drunk as he seemed. I hoped I could maybe get to know this guy. He seemed like a good guy if you took the bottle out of his hand. He seemed like one of those people who had all the friends in the world...

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