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Drunk Driving Laws. This Essay Is On Laws Dealing With Dwi, Dui And Consequences For Being Charged With These Crimes

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DRUNK DRIVING LAWSWHAT IS DRIVINGUNDER THE INFLUENCE?Drinking alcohol and taking certain drugs affects your ability to safely operate dangerousequipment such as automobiles, motorboats and industrial equipment. In every state it isagainst the law to operate an automobile if you are so under the influence of drugs oralcohol that you can not safely operate the motor vehicle.WHAT IS A BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL?When you drink, alcohol from the drink is absorbed into your blood stream. Various testshave been designed to measure the level of alcohol in your blood. In most states, if yourblood alcohol level is greater than .10, you are presumed to be too intoxicated to safelyoperate an automobile. However, you can still be ...view middle of the document...

In most states, if you refuse to submit to the test as requested by thepolice officer, your license will be suspended for failure to take the test, regardless ofwhether you are ultimately found guilty of drunk driving. In Pennsylvania, for example,refusal to submit to any type of blood alcohol test automatically results in a one yearsuspension of your driver's license. You can still be prosecuted for drunk driving even ifyou refuse to submit to a blood alcohol test. While it is important that you do not makeany incriminating statements to the police when you are suspected of drunk driving, youshould always act in a courteous and respectful manner to the investigating police officer.The police officer's testimony could have a bad effect on your sentencing in a drunkdriving case at a later time.IS DUI AND DWI THE SAME THING?Yes. Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated are two of the terms usedby various states to mean drunk driving. Drunk driving is considered a serious offense inall states.WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT FOR A FIRST-TIMEOFFENDER CHARGED WITH DRIVING UNDER THEINFLUENCE?Drunk driving is considered a serious offense in all states. The DUI statute in the statewhere the violation occurred will determine the extent of the punishment for a first-timeoffender. Generally, a first-time offender convicted of the offense is ordered to pay a fineand may be sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment. A suspension of his or herdriver's license will usually occur as well. There are certain programs available to first-timeoffenders, which allow the defendant's punishment to be decreased under certaincircumstances.

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