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Dry Campus Policy Essay

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Arizona State currently services over fourteen thousand on-campus dorm tenants (“Arizona”, 2013). In an interview with Leonard, an ASU Housing Services Representative, he explains ASU’s dry campus policy. The first question asked was, “Who sets the alcohol policy at the university?” to which Leonard responded, “The Arizona Board of Regents sets the alcohol policy for the university system in the state. However, the Board of Regents delegates the authority to set campus alcohol policy to the president of each state university. President Michael Crow has decided that ASU should keep and maintain its dry campus policy” (Leonard, 2013). Leonard mentioned that a dry campus policy means that “…no alcohol can be consumed, sold, or serviced at ASU with the exceptions of a few locations” (Leonard, 2013). Leonard was also asked if there was an exception for fraternity and sorority houses since a few were located off campus. He responded, “If the sorority or fraternity house is leased from the university, then they will be subject to ASU’s policies” (Leonard, 2013). To address the issue of enforcement of this policy, Leonard was asked about the consequences that would be administered to the students if they were to be caught with alcohol and he stated, “The student would be subject to a consequence also known as a ‘sanction.’ This could range from a warning to expulsion from the university” (Leonard, 2013).
While many may have the preconceived notion that college students oppose the policy because it prevents them from “drinking themselves silly”, some believe that the policy is inane for other reasons. Corey Helsel (2013), a dorm tenant at Hassayampa, had a number of objections towards this policy. When asked about his thoughts on the policy he stated, “I do not like the policy because I believe that ASU should encourage individual responsibility instead of emplacing policies that are extremely difficult to enforce with this particular age group.” Cody Mumford (2013), another ASU dorm tenant, made a comment similar to Helsel’s: “I do not like the policy because I feel that the university is trying to parent the students when we are capable of making our own decisions.” The students were also asked about the enforcement of this policy in which Helsel mentioned that it was not well enforced: “The CA’s [Community Assistants] express that the university prohibits the consumption of alcohol at the first floor meeting [but] the CA’s would only intervene if the dorm tenants were loud and showed obvious signs of inebriation” (Helsel, 2013). Mumford’s comments were similar because he stated that he knew of many instances of where the students consumed alcohol and a few of the students were under the legal drinking age (Mumford, 2013). In addition to the lack of enforcement and the discouragement of individual responsibility, the students expressed more frustrations with the policy saying that it is doing the opposite of what it was meant to do. Helsel expressed...

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