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Dry Cleaning Services: Recruiting And Retention Strategies

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Executive SummaryThis report discusses the recruitment and retention problems Catherine faces for her family-owned dry cleaning six-store chains. She has difficulties attracting and retaining qualified and experienced workers in the low-skilled service sector. The available pool of individuals are constantly moving around companies.This report discusses the strategies Catherine can use to help improve the recruitment and retention problems for her dry-cleaning chain. She can look at non-traditional methods of recruitment and aim to be the Employer of Choice. In order to retain quality people, Catherine can adopt strategies such as providing employment security, career development and decentralising decision making.These problems arise due to the highly competitive mobile labour market. Employees have low loyalty with common poor working conditions and unattractive salary and benefits.IntroductionCatherine managed a six-chain of dry-cleaning stores owned by her family. Due to tight labour market, Catherine faces difficulties in attracting, hiring and retaining quality people.If nothing is done to improve the situation, Catherine will be faced with profitability problems. Her dry-cleaning service depend on the skills and experience of her service staff to provide quality service to customer. Also, the costs of turn over is so high that Catherine cannot ignore it.Recommend some suitable recruiting strategies that Catherine could use to increase the number of suitable job applicants so that her company need no longer hire just about anyone who walks in. 750 - 100 intro, 600 description (150 each), 50 endingThere are at least five different strategies Catherine can adopt to increase the number of suitable job applicants: (1) improving recruitment practices; (2) improving salary scale and benefits; (3) targeting non-tradition recruitment sources; (4) being the Employer of Choice; and (5) improving employer branding.Improving Recruitment PracticesAccording to Stone (2006, pg 197) recruitment is the process of finding and attracting a number of qualified candidates for job vacancies.Here, we will briefly summarizes four areas of recruitment that influence applicant attraction as suggested by Rynes and Barber (1990, Vol. 15).Organizational RepresentativesSeveral characteristics such as personalities and credibility of recruiters and hiring managers have been hypothesized to affect applicants' impressions and decisions about organizations.Therefore, Catherine has to ensure recruiters and hiring managers are trained to present themselves, as well as the company in a positive matter.Recruitment MessagesA second recruitment dimension that may affect attraction is how the "message" is transmitted to prospective employees. This include design of recruitment messages, amount of information revealed, and effectiveness of clear communication across different media.Recruitment SourcesThe ability to attract a larger pool of qualified applicants also depend on the...

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