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Dubai: The New Destination For The Rich And Famous

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Dubai the new destination for the rich and famous. Arabs who made millions of dollars have invested their fortune into a new city to put them on the map. But, with the hard economic climate, is Dubai necessary in the current economy of the world.
Dubai’s extreme projects and buildings are unnecessary and serves little to no purpose. Dubai has spent billions of dollar in construction projects. When these are funded by the government and the investments are failures, the government becomes unstable. Some projects serve no purpose and have no functionality, but are built for the prestige and glory of having such amazing buildings. Why does Dubai need to have the world’s largest mall, skyscraper, an indoor ski sleep and man made islands. Do any of these serve purpose. Maybe the ski slope for tourism, but the world’s, 
“largest” shopping mall, is it really necessary. Now with the epic spending, the state owned Dubai-World who controls many building projects in the city has fallen into great debt. Now Dubai-World is requesting six extra months to repay it’s, “massive debts.” One of the best examples of little practicality is the Burj Dubai. Jim Krane, author of “City of Gold: Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism,” puts this telescopic shaped building in his own words, “The upper 30 or 40 floors are so tiny that they’re useless, so they can’t use them for anything else apart from storage. They’ve built a small, not so useful storage warehouse half a mile in the sky.” Dubai is building extravagant buildings for the pride and prestige, but is not designing buildings for the functionality of having a great city.
Dubai’s construction projects are not only ruining the city’s economy, but also the city’s environment. Man made islands are ruining the natural order of the seas surrounding Dubai, and the rock and materials used are becoming out of place. With the moving of large boulders for the man made islands, it is lowing the waste to some of the United Arab Entities’s more picturesque mountains. Though the contractors are trying to take a conservative approach to the building of these...

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