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My passion for working for the marginalized sector grew through time. It started when my mother, as a midwife, tagged me along in her fieldwork before I even attended school. I assisted her with weighing children using a spring balance tied to a tree. I helped her carry her vaccination jug during immunization days. We walked on rice farms and crossed forests to assist mothers with postnatal care. I tutored younger kids having difficulty in learning math or grammar. When I worked at McDonald’s, global franchise restaurant, in my twenty’s, I realized that I cannot identify myself with hamburgers although I have high regard for them. Further, a company manufacturing doors offered me a ...view middle of the document...

I focused more on ensuring that we could account for $3 million worth of food than wait for my five wounds to heal.
To close the audit fieldwork for Somalia and South Sudan programs operated out of our Kenya office, my team went through an eighteen-hour meeting in January 2009. In my effort to understand the country office’s point of view, I engaged them in a participatory discussion that led to two days. This was a record for the longest audit exit meeting in CARE’s history and was one of the most difficult meetings I had. Although the country office praised us for taking their opinions well, there were misinterpretation of the policies used and misunderstanding of the exceptions written in the report. In the end, I realized that, at times, we had to agree that we disagreed at some of our audit findings.
In October 2009, I was with my team in Afghanistan when the Taliban attacked the UN staff house in Kabul aggravated by . Further, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred six days earlier. The head office in Atlanta instructed us to leave the country soonest. While coordinating our evacuation out of the country, the assistant director of the overseas office told me that a parent of my staff contacted the US Embassy in Kabul to request assistance for our repatriation. The director also mentioned that CARE Afghanistan has a policy of not being identified with any foreign government office. The embassy calling him risked our organization having a direct affinity with the US and could easily become a target of these political attacks. I apologized to the director although I was not aware of what my staff did or how she felt about the situation. I then learned I was not effective in managing my relationship with her. I probably should have set aside more time discussing her fears about the earthquake and the attack. This could have reduced her anxiety.
In December 2010, my audit team was in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire when a nationwide political unrest sparked from the results of the presidential elections. All borders in the country were...

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