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Duddy's Family Plays A Significant Role For All Of Duddy's Goals, Attitudes And Actions In Life.

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The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz written by Mordecai Richler has the primary character defined by his family and their situation. This character of Duddy Kravitz had to raise himself because his mother had died when he was young and everyone else in the family were too busy for him. This leads Duddy to grow up with no morals and ethics. Furthermore, Duddy begins to crave for attention and acceptance from his family. Most of Duddy's behaviors are related to his family, hence creating this family trap that Duddy is not able to escape from. Duddy dedicates his main goal in life towards his family by doing anything to impress them and gain their acceptance. In addition, Duddy's attitude is that he must change himself because he is an outsider. Duddy's family rejects him and this causes Duddy to gain the attitude that he is not acceptable and not average. Also, Duddy's family has a major impact on Duddy's actions because Duddy does anything he can for them. In order to gain their acceptance he works extremely hard and spends his valuable time helping them out. Duddy's family plays a significant role for all of Duddy's goals, attitudes and actions in life. Duddy's family is responsible for Duddy to make his primary goal to gain their acceptance. Duddy has the attitude that he does not belong and must change, which is created by his family's rejection. All of Duddy's major actions in life are for his family.Duddy's family has a major impact on his goals in life because they are the cause for Duddy to make his primary goal in life to gain their acceptance. The family is responsible for Duddy's goal for life because of the way they treat Duddy. The Kravitz family, except for the grandfather, tells Duddy that he will not succeed in life and makes him an outcast of the family. This is evident when Max states that "you're a real trouble-maker, Duddy...Lennie never once got the strap..." (26). This statement illustrates that Duddy is considered to be different among the family and unacceptable. The family's cruel treatment towards Duddy forces Duddy to make it his goal to prove them wrong. He wants to succeed and prove to them that he deserves their acceptance. Therefore, Duddy creates his own idea that in order for him to belong in his family he must become an important person. Then from his grandfather, Simcha, Duddy gains the idea that he must gain land in order to become this important person. Duddy realizes this when Simcha states that "a man without land is nobody" (49). Therefore through Simcha, Duddy creates his own belief that in order to change himself into a significant person and ultimately become accepted he must gain land. These goals Duddy possesses all originate to the fact that Duddy's family does not accept him. Hence, Duddy's family is mainly responsible for Duddy's choice of goals.The Kravitz family plays an important role in Duddy's attitude in life because the way they treat Duddy is responsible for his attitude. The family,...

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