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Duffy Essay

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Duffy expresses her detailed language and vivid structure presentation in a deliberate and poetic form. Her powerful techniques such as metaphors and a range of repetition convey the striking love that she is expressing. “Answer” is a metaphorical poem that expresses feelings and thoughts in an element address.
The title “answer” leads the reader to believe there is a question with the title implying that this could be a reply or an answer. This question could be, “do you still love me?” this reverts to the question of it being a striking love poem; the piece will express the narrators insecurities and its differences of what love is.
Duffy’s language pendulums from positive to negative, the strong metaphors and deep comparisons reference betrayal, passion, endangerment and cynicism. The “if” in “if you were made of stone” suggests a rhetorical question as if asking they feel they are made of stone. The use of stone connotes coldness and unrequited love; therefore, this negative expression implies that they are not in love. Additionally, “a fossil sealed up in your lips,” suggests the passion and fusion between the partners has been forgotten; “fossil” connotes death and dark imagery, this is a difference compared to the loving context we are led to believe about this poem. This metaphor implies that the kiss is lifeless and there is no desire between the lovers. Duffy also states gentle imagery which implies that she does have love for his partner, “Your grey hands pooling raindrops for the birds” this contrasts the harsh language of the previous lines; the generic imagery also shows kindness and compassion.
From the first stanza, it was describing the love and physical features of the relationship, for example, long legs, marble to my touch. On the other hand, in the second stanza it switches to a more negative approach. “A wild medusa” is a good example of negativity; medusa is an ugly and dangerous creature, which turns innocent people to stone – the...

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