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My research paper is on Dugway Proving Ground incident of 1969. The incident actually took place in March of 1968. The incident on involved the killing of 6,000 sheep according to The Salt Lake Tribune. It was said that a deadly nerve agent known as VX which had drifted off the reservation and that what had cause the sheep to die. The Army conducted investigations to show that they had nothing to do with the death of those sheep. At the end of the investigation it showed that they were not responsible for the incident in any kind of way. Some of the topics I am going to talk about are several reports on the incident, information from two books; information about the chemical agent that they said killed the sheep, and Dugway Proving Ground mission intent. The conclusion is that the people are saying that the government is the reason for the death of the sheep, and the government is saying that the sheep died from the pesticides that farmers spray on crop.

In the United States there have been concerns about public hazards from the Chemical Corps testing activity amplifying from 1967 to 1969. What was going on had sent Washington to investigate what was going on that had them worried. The undisclosed testing of hazardous agents known as the nerve agent VX came to the fore front. They also found out that the Army had a strategy to transport out of date nerve gas bombs and rockets by the thousands through the country by train to dump in the Atlantic Ocean. It was said that on March 14, 1966 that one of the Air Force jet planes was carrying gallons of nerve agent called VX over the farmers land and accidently released it. Later the Army sent out a statement saying that a freak weather storm came through, and blew the agent forty miles into Skull Valley where the sheep eaten. According to Jeanne Guillemin the Army hurried up and denied the responsibility for thousands of grazing sheep being killed. Dugway Proving Ground also denied that open air never gas was being tested at Dugway Proving Ground.(Jeanne p.119)

In my second source it was something totally different. The incident was...

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