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Dui: Misdemeanor Or Felony Essay

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DUI should not be charged as a misdemeanor, instead the case for DUI should be taken more seriously for a few reasons: first, being impaired prohibits a person's body to react as normal; secondly, driving impaired affects the driver, passengers, civilians and all of their families; thirdly, one-third of DUI offenders are repeat offenders; most importantly, it only takes one bad accident to kill someone. People drive after drinking alcohol all the time, whether to leave a party, restaurant, or bar, but just because they were drinking does not mean that they are driving under the influence.
First, what is driving under the influence, DUI? Hingson indicates that, Driving under the influence is ...view middle of the document...

(Dasgupta 49) Another way that alcohol affects the body is through the liver. Scientists can tell how impaired a person becomes by taking a look at the BAC levels. Not only physically, but people are affected by alcohol, mentally, by their demeanor, or their character. People change when they drink, they do not act the same and their actions can never be foreseen. Especially when someone does heavy drinking, there is no idea what he or she is going to be like. Alcohol affects everyone differently. One person can get drunk and be a nice person, that doesn’t do any harm to anyone around him. But then at the same time, there are people that become very dangerous to be around when they are drunk. They become mean, and rude, and do not treat people the same way that they would sober. That same person could potentially hurt someone around him, and not remember it, or would never do anything like what they did drunk, while sober. After understanding the effects of alcohol, place a person who is legally drunk behind the wheel of a 2-ton vehicle, and take a look at the effects of alcohol on a driver.
What a person who is driving under the influence is going through. They have drunken enough alcohol to cause their bodies to become impaired. Not only are their bodies uncontrollable, but also their mind is also impaired. Causing them to not have any control over their thoughts, actions and reactions, things they say, and senses. When driving while impaired, they do not have control over the vehicle.
The same thoughts, actions and reactions that they would have while sober, would not occur while drunk. So in situations where they need to be able to react quickly in order to save them from something tragic, they would be near to hopeless. Not only would the driver be hopeless in a tragic, quick reaction, situation; but the people around the driver, the passengers, the civilians surrounded the vehicle, may also be hopeless. Dasgupta explains, that when a person drinks in moderation and their BAC is low, around a .02 or a .03 percent, then the person will feel relaxed and have loss of shyness. With a little more drinking, the person may become happy and feel like most things are pleasurable to them. (Dasgupta 38) Which shows that the mind is completely changed. A person can go from having an extremely shy character with an outgoing personality. Above showed that the more that a person drinks the more that his character and state of mind changes. Dasgupta continues to say that, almost any BAC percentage above .06 causes the person to be impaired by both his relaxes and his motor skills, making him a case of disaster. (Dasgupta 38)
It is not just the driver been affected by his decision to drive impaired. Gerdes tells a story in his book about a woman who had lost her daughter because a man was driving impaired. The man was drunk and chose to drive during broad daylight, drove down the same street the woman’s daughter was walking on, when he hit her with his...

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