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Duologue Between Romeo And The Nurse

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ROMEO: Oh this place… this wonderful, wretched place! It is the site of our meeting, but also the site of our parting. Where we proclaimed our love, and where our love was lost. Juliet’s ghost, where may I find you? I have travelled so far to be here, reveal yourself and I will forever be grateful.
ROMEO: The heavens shall surely not forgive my sins, for murder is upon these hands. Even in death I shall not be with my Juliet. Stars! I plead for forgiveness, why must I live this misery?
ROMEO: It was my doing! I was the one who sentenced Juliet to death, for our love was forbidden. The stars could not allow for such delusion.
ROMEO: Oh my fair Juliet! How may I once again hear the manner of your sweet voice? For once again I am denied to you, the ultimate separation of worlds, and yet we still reach out. I will do whatever must be done, but I must be with you, it simply cannot be any other way.
The NURSE appears above at a window
NURSE: You… You are Romeo! Oh you mustn’t be here, Juliet is gone, now flee before they discover your treachery!
ROMEO: Why you must be the guardian of my Juliet, fear not, I am a dead man already; I merely walk and speak, but I too have joined Juliet in death.
NURSE: Leave her! Her peaceful departure shall not be ruined by your presence, you have done far enough already.
ROMEO: If only things were another way, if only it were a trick, a deception of death for my punishment. The stars work in strange ways.
NURSE: Vile Fiend, you are the cause of Juliet’s death. I no longer will have any part in this, I should have seen this coming, the offspring of the Capulet’s cannot be with a Montague! What fallacy. We would never have arrived at such a sad circumstance if it were not for you.
ROMEO: I have nothing left, Juliet was my life, she was my happiness and grief, she was my sweet, sweet sorrow. I pray for forgiveness of my sins, my wrongdoings leading to my dearest’s death. Alas, my love is my sin, love drove me, and love drove Juliet. Know this: everything we did; everything I did, I did out of love
NURSE: Juliet did not want your love, you slew Tybalt and his death marked the end of her loving you. It opened he eyes, made her see the truth: that you are wicked inside. What makes you think that Juliet could ever forgive that?
ROMEO: Juliet knew my plight, you shall never understand what we had. The bond we shared transcended all...

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