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During A Storm Essay

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Brows knitted together in concern, and a comb perched in her three feet long, coal black hair, Jaya was looking out through the rusted front gate, while an umbrella was protecting her from the rain. Even as she squinted it was of no use, no sign of anyone on roads, as the unusual rain that is reported have come because of the cyclonic effect.
She was eagerly waiting for the arrival of her husband, Srinu, while controlling her little kids, guys, 6 & 4, while also trying to shove away all the bad apprehensive thoughts that are coming into the back of her mind.
It’s almost his usual time of return.
The rain is expected to become violent and turn into a full cyclone in a few hours.

 Cling –Clang– Kalang–Thump..... 

As a sharp sound of something falling came from the house, jarred her thoughts, she hurried inside.
The elder was not posing any problem at all, true to what is expected of an elder son, he was more mature and silent, even at a young age, and taking his mom’s advice, he went to sleep, lulled by the sounds of rain splashing on the roof tiles.
The little one, also true to what is always expected of a second kid, was mischievous and unstoppable, he couldn’t stay put in one place, always running around in his pichku pichku shoes, and was posing a great problem for he was trying to go out in the rain, and in the process of rummaging for his ‘treasures’ felled a neatly arranged column of the cooking vessels onto the floor.
The little one's face contorted with alarm, cheeks flushed in pink, though he tried to convey a feeling of apology, it looked rather funny.
She clicked her tongue impatiently but said nothing more for her mind was too occupied to give him a nice scolding; otherwise he would have got a nice little spank to his back.
“Go to the room and sleep,” she ordered.
“I want to go out, please,” he persisted.
Although Jaya wanted to say, “No, you can’t go out, this is not just a rain, it is a stormy cyclone,” She knew he was too young to understand this, so she just shook her head vigorously, horizontally, meaning a big NO.
They were not yet rich enough to have a telephone, even if they have had one, Jaya had always problem remembering the lone telephone of the telephone office, where Srinu worked, 327380.
The evening, which usually by that time was in full sunlight, was pitch dark, for the power which would be disrupted even for a short drizzle, was understandably gone by then.
She knew the office, should she go there herself? No the little guy would definitely tag along.
Earlier in the day after teaching for a half day on the school, the management (all the 3 teachers) thought it would be wise to stop it and get back home early, for the incessant rain is only becoming thick as time progressed. And by the time she came home, both her kids were home, and the elder guarding the young one against his will to go into the rain, using all the authority vested in him. The rain had become a full scale storm, and nothing in the...

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