During The 1960s: Women's Right Movement

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During the 1960s there were a lot of events and changes going on. The main event and important raving issue I am typing about is the women’s rights movement throughout the whole 1900s. The most important information about this topic was mostly in the mid 1960s. The three main topic I am going to talk about is what the whole women’s rights movement was raving about throughout the 1960s.
Most traditional societies and until recent times, women generally were at a disadvantage. Their education sometimes was limited to domestic skills (“Women’s rights” n.p.). After, there was revolutions, and working women in the former soviet union intended to hold low paying jobs. They were also represented in party and government councils (“Women’s rights” n.p.). The late 1960s and early 70s active feminists organized numerous women’s rights group (“Women’s rights”n.p.). Women encountered discrimination in many forms. In 1960 equal opportunities were given to women (“Women’s rights” n.p.). During the women’s movement certain social institutions and traditional values, were questioned (“Women’s rights” n.p.). Else where in the world the women’s rights movement has also made progress in achieving its goals. In nearly every nation, women have the right to vote and hold public office (“Women’s rights” n.p.). Women’s rights movement made progress in achieving goals in nearly every nation after that (“Women’s rights” n.p.). Major unsponsored conferences on women were held in 1975, 1980, 1985, and 1995 (“Women’s rights” n.p.).
In the mid 1960s more and more women started to look like men (maga 103). Although the trousers suit for women was launched, people suspected that some of the inspiration of the way women started dressing came from father down the slope (maga 103). More and more people changed their look because of the music and the ways famous people acted and wore there clothes (maga 104). One influence had been the enormous success of the beetles. There hairstyles and even their clothes have been copied by young people of both sex (maga 103). Not only has this fashion been copied in England, but also it has been copied all over Europe too. American news weekly even ran a photograph of an English boy and girl that was dressed in very similar fashion (maga 103).
In prehistoric times, women and men participated almost equally in hunting and gathering actives to obtain food (“women” n.p.). Later on during time the development of agricultural communities, it made it where women worked more around the house. They prepared food, made clothing, and cared for children while also plowing foods, harvesting crops, and tending to the animals around the house and or farm (“women” n.p.). Women got paid less than men did. The higher your education the more you got paid (“women” n.p.). Women have worked because of the economy. Women mostly worked outside because either they were unmarried or their partners were unable to sustain there family because of his job (“women” n.p.)....

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