During These Last Few Years Here At Spencer Van Etten,

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During these last few years here at Spencer Van Etten, we have learn various characteristics that we all follow but never really understood until twelfth grade English class. Two characteristics that I have improved on are Honesty/Integrity and willing to serve others. Two that I need to improve on is responsible behavior and social skills. I believe that I have improved on Honesty/Integrity this year because of many reasons. First, since my teen years, I used to lie about my grades and things I did to get in trouble. Second, I started to feel obligated to follow the rules and to be a straightforward student because I figure; am I going to do this later in life such as college or work? I have really improved on willing to serve others because of many reasons. First, I used to be shy and second, I did things to feel like I was part of the group. To better explain my characteristics, I will talk about my life until I started school at Spencer Van Etten.Where do I start? It all started on July 13, 1984 when my mother gave birth to me in Hayward California. I grew up in the Bay Area and started music and dance classes at the age of two. My grandparents and parents wanted me to be a child prodigy. They bought a piano, violins and other musical instruments for me to learn. In other words, they literally wanted me to be like a Fred Astare or Gene Kelly. I went to tap and jazz lessons until I was four.At the age of four, my uncle inspired me to play baseball. When he was in college, he was a starting shortstop for the Cal Poly State. After College, he was the number 3-draft pick to the Oakland Athletics. He taught me to play and work Cruz 2 hard at whatever I do. In the off-season, he blew out his knee but recovered and played at various semi-pro teams.When I started parochial school, I was placed in advanced classes and attended a program named Gate, which was a program for gifted children. The gate program put children that learn quicker in a school to learn about computers and advanced studies. I played on the school baseball team and soccer team from kindergarten until second grade. I still played music and sports because my parents did not want me in the streets to become some "hoodlum" or "drug-pusher".In the summer of 93', my father was laid-off and wanted our family to move back to his home state of New York. We packed our things and moved to New York that winter. We arrived in Spencer and I attended school at the Elementary school.My life, up to moving to New York, has been a much "-nurtured" one, in a sense that I did not really have time to play with other kids except at baseball or soccer. I never really went outside to play, ride a bike, or just hang out with the other kids in the neighborhood. I was shy and had trouble speaking in front of people. That is until I arrived at Spencer.Starting school in Spencer changed my life in a way that there were no gangs, there was less crime, it was a small community, and there was a great deal of...

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