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Durkheim And Poverty Essay

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Globalization and capitalism have changed the world we live in today. Many would debate that this is a good thing, and others will argue that it is not. Such social economic forces have extended the gap for communication and economic developments, while at the same time causing sorrow, and epidemic competition amongst people. Usually, the most vulnerable populations are the ones with the most sorrow and agony. Durkheim’s theory of social function depicted that society is structured, and people must have a functional specialization as part of an organism. He believed that people who earn more were rewarded for their scarce talents within a difficult job. However, people in poverty were necessary and given a share needed to keep society functioning. The theory of social function has now lost much of its vibrancy due to flaws with the crude explanation of the functionalist perspective. This can be applied to the global world today, where it is said that nations are provided by talents and resources that are produced for the global economy.
Functionalist, like Emile Durkheim believed that poverty and inequality were an important function to society’s social structure. He believed that every system had its own purpose. For Durkheim, all social systems had a functional use. In order for it to be effective allocation must occur, and all roles must be occupied by those who are able to perform them. Therefore, training must be provided. According to Durkheim, those who obtained a higher position in the work force were more functionally important. He believes that all humans are shaped by society, and have different talents and interests. Durkheim believes that not everyone has the same skills; therefore structure is needed to help fulfill ones function, and help us live individual social lives. He believed that the relationship between individuals and society consisted of a fashioned morality of one’s self, and it was easy to see how one’s part fits into the bigger picture of the division of labor creating an equal plane between the employer and employee. Durkheim’s natural abilities and social positions do not match up. Some jobs will be paid more, and will not create the equality as he mentions. He neglects to mention anything about profit and exploitation. Yet, this is not always the case. A person who is paid less may have more of an important function in society than one who is paid more. Today, minority groups are working menial jobs at a minimum wage salary. For the most part, these jobs consist of producing society’s goods and distributing them; whereas a person who may get paid more will not produce anything for society. Usually these jobs have minimal or no benefits of protection and are employed by large corporations capitalism who appear to restrain them into the realms of service industry.
Global companies like Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart have steered their focus on poor men, and women. They have abused the rights by over working them,...

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