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Durkheim Suicide Essay

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“Suicide is the third leading cause of death in the United States… In 2010, men had a suicide rate of 19.9, and women had a rate of 5.2. Of those who died by suicide in 2010, 78.9% were male and 21.1% were female.” (Parker-Pope, 2013)
Emile Durkheim had many theories about suicide in the role of society in terms of the direction an individual decides to take in life. To Durkeim, there are four different types of suicide; Egotisitic, Altruistic, Anomic, and lastly Fatalistic suicide. By learning about the categories of suicide we can better diagnose the types of those are more prominent in the United States of America. The most prominent types of suicide for women in the United States, whether young or old, are Anomic and Fatalistic.
According to Durkheim, Anomic suicideis type of suicide that comes about because of a certain breakdown of social equilibrium, such as, suicide after bankruptcy or after winning a lottery. In other words, anomic suicide takes place in a situation which has popped up suddenly. This type of suicide is visible in adults, not necessarily committing the act because of something good like winning the lottery, but rather any sudden change that can throw a life off balance.
“Over the last decade, the rate of suicide among adults ages 35 to 64 increased 28 percent, from 13.7 suicides per 100,000 people in 1999, to 17.6 suicides per 100,000 people in 2010.” (Rettner, 2013) A somewhat great example of this type of anomic suicide is country singer Mindy McCready. McCready was a famous country singer who rose to fame and then slowly fell after an abusive relationship drove her to drug addiction. Every time her life went out of balance; breaking up with a fiance, or being losing custody of her children, she attempted suicide. After her long time boyfriend committed suicide, she was lost and felt compelled to end her life. She died in February 2013 at 37 years old from a gunshot wound to the head on her fifth suicide attempt. This may sound like it is a lot closer to the definition of Altruistic suicide, but the differnces between the two types are very miniscule. Whilst Altruistic suicide is more along the lines of tradition, or proof to society that the individual is loyal, Anomic suicide occurs because of a sudden change in the everyday social life. Because of the ever changing social environment of celebrites, they have trouble getting used to their new positions in life and society, after their celebrity ends. The fact that she was no...

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