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The colonization of North America paved the way or the first real stirring pot of various global cultures in a relatively enclosed space. After the Spaniard’s initial colonization of the Americas, many other European countries followed suit. Of these European countries, including the likes of Portugal and France, mainly situated by the eastern shore that did not penetrate much into the mainland of the Americas. Seen as an opening for economic expansion and a viable opportunity to partake on becoming a global power. Investor backed voyages and expeditions in the early 17th century proved an integral role in developing prosperous and populated colonies. Of these original colonies, a Dutch ...view middle of the document...

Utilizing the newly claimed land in North America, the Dutch sent a fairly small amount of households, no more than 30, to colonize the Hudson area in 1613. Multiple failed attempts of colonization in the Americas led to the Estate General to charter the West India Company in order to oversee, stimulate, and regulate commerce and trade amongst that general area. An eventual ploy through members of the Dutch West India Company encouraged colonization in this area. Members that were able to bring households or men and women over the age of 16 to New Amsterdam were rewarded with a vast amount of land, approximately 16 acres depending on the area outlined by the Hudson River and surrounding colonies.
With restricted growth, resources were directed towards developing relations amongst other colonies present in the rest of the Americas, as well as solidifying their presence in claimed territory. Economically, under the direction of the Dutch West India Trading Company, this colony dubbed New Amsterdam prioritized less on agriculture and more on trade, following the trend of various other colonies. Because of persistent struggles found in the colony, the Dutch sent Director General Peter Minuit to reestablish stability for the colonists. Previous failures for official land ownership from the existing Native Americans affected New Amsterdam as a recognized colony. Minuit’s predecessor, Willem Verhulst, purchased the land from Native Americans in the area for an exorbitant amount (approximately 60 Dutch guilders) allowing him to establish New Amsterdam an official colony. With the formal acquisition of the land, Minuit erected a few forts and enforced them even further. And with the West India Company’s initiatives, multiple families appeared and populated the colony. Of the two main forts of New Amsterdam: Fort Orange and Fort Nassau, they served as colony centers when they allowed surrounding regions to begin to grow. However, more appealing offers in terms of land grants and freedom were offered by other New England colonies lured other colonists away. As a direct result, New Amsterdam continued to grow at a painstakingly slow rate. Continued land disputes amongst other European colonies and Native Americans began to plague New Amsterdam.
In an attempt to mend the cracks and rips within New Amsterdam during 1633, the newly enlisted Director General Wouter van Twiller took certain initiatives to reestablish New Amsterdam as a prominent colony in trade amongst the east coast. As the fourth official director of New Amsterdam, he replaced the former Director, Peter Minuit, who was withdrawn from the Dutch for reasons unknown. Twiller was the nephew of Killian Van Rensselaer, the Patroon of Rensselaerswyck, a very powerful and rich Dutchman who most likely set the position for him. Having already traveled to New Amsterdam, Twiller had experience with both daily life for the colonists and life for the elite. His control over the colony amounted to...

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