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Duties And What They Are Essay

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All individuals have a role in society, whether it is as a government official or a citizen of a nation. The duties of an individual and the duties of government are very important in order to establish a relationship between the two, especially in times of struggle and despair. An individual's duties are to treat everyone equally, stand up for what is right, and fight together for the good of all . The government's duty is to keep its people united and away from harm. All of these duties provide for a united nation that will offer its citizens life in a safe environment and a place to turn to, when help is required.
During hard times, it is harder for individuals to fulfill their duties, especially the duty to fight for one's country. As the citizens of a country, people need to fight for what is right and support the government, when what it calls for is moral and necessary. If a country is in need of change, just like the colonies needed to separate from Great Britain, the individuals in that country have to work together in order to reach a mutual goal. Patrick Henry, in his speech, proclaimed that if he didn't fight for what he believed was right "[he] should consider [him]self as guilty of treason towards [his] country" (Henry 232). An individual has the duty to fulfill the needs of the country, especially when they are called upon.
Not only does an individual need to fight for his or her country, but for justice within that country. There is no reason for there to be any violence amongst different nationalities, races, or sex within a country when it is deemed, "that all men and women are created equal" (Stanton 379). It is the duty of the individual, therefore, to maintain an environment where all people are treated equally and with impartiality. It is the duty of the individual to stand up against mistreatment and discrimination. It is the duty of the individual to promote that which is right and just.
In correspondence with the duties of the individual are the duties of the government. It is the duty of the government to establish laws that prevent discrimination from occurring. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated to the government of the United States, in his "I Have a Dream" speech, that...

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