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Duties Of Directors To Expose And React To Management Wrongdoing Us

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IntroductionIt is late on a Friday afternoon. The Chief Executive Officer, or the General Counsel, of XYZ Corp. receives a telephone call advising that the local FBI, United States Attorney, or Regional Office of the SEC, is investigating serious charges of wrongdoing alleged to have been committed by Ms. A, the Company's Chief Operating Officer and governmental liaison, in connection with a number of government procurements. A search warrant, or an all-inclusive subpoena, has been, or shortly will be, issued for all documents relating to Ms. A and the government contracts she has helped procure. The Company's cooperation is sought.Governmental civil and criminal investigations are a fixture of our corporate landscape. Senior managers and, ultimately, corporate directors have to assess the need to be responsive to various governmental pressures, while at the same time giving true meaning to the presumption of innocence upon which all of us rely. When events of this nature arise, reliance on clichés, unthinking adherence to laudatory principles and guidelines, and a failure to assess the particular situation, can lead many corporations down a path they will soon rue.The current environment imposes a responsibility on companies to ferret out employee misconduct and to deal with any known or suspected instances of misconduct with efficient and decisive measures. What is lacking are prescribed guidelines for directors to whom these difficult questions are referred. This essay seeks to fill that void.The Current Ambient CircumstancesAt a minimum, at least five specific factors should influence how corporations, and their officers and directors, respond to indications of possible illegality on the part of one or more senior employees of the Company.·First, the Doctrine of Accountability suggests that officers and directors aware of potentially illegal conduct by senior employees may be liable for any recurrence of similar misconduct, and may have an obligation to halt and cure any continuing effects of the initial misconduct. In two cases - In re Gutfreund1 and In re Cooper Companies2 - the SEC publicly criticized corporate officers and directors for failing to take measures that precluded misconduct from recurring (even though, in the latter case, the directors were not certain any misconduct occurred).·Second, the Corporate Sentencing Guidelines provide stiff penalties for corporations that fail to take voluntary action to redress apparent misconduct by senior employees.3 Since corporations can only act through individuals, the violation of any law by any corporate officer or senior employee immediately creates the possibility that criminal action can be brought against the corporation itself.4·Third, most prosecutors will give - or at least say they will give - special consideration to companies that take effective action in the face of suspected wrongdoing by senior employees, officers or directors.5 While leniency, as...

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