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Duties Of Medical Administrative Assistants Essay

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Medical Administrative Assistants
Medical Administrative Assistants have numerous of duties in an office setting. Medical Administrative Assistants can get a job in a doctor office or a hospital. Medical Assistants work more in the front of office and hospital assisting patients and checking them in. By knowing some Medical Assistants I know some of their duties are: scheduling patients, greeting patients, doing paper work, handling insurance problems or statements, and also supervising entry. Medical Administrative Assistants may be asked to do take the patient height or blood pressure. Medical assistants are sometime asked to buy the medical equipment needed in the office. When needed they ...view middle of the document...

You get all classes of patients coming, one very highly to come in contact with young to old patients and different approaches. Medical assistant’s responsibility is to make sure the patient goes homes knowing how to carefully use devices like walkers or a wheelchair. Working as a medical assistant you are coming into contact with people on a regular basis and some are people that you just met. They are responsible for making sure one’s life and personal history stay safe. They are strangers that are trust you to keep their information safe and not give it out information to the public without them knowing. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and working in this field one should value that. Medical Assistants (MA’s) use math every day. MA’s total up the patient's bill and let the patient know what they owe once the insurance company does its part. Medical assistants sometime are asked to determine the dosage required for a certain medicine this is where algebra take place. Knowing accounting and how to do it correctly is major. One cannot mess up for example if an assistant didn’t know how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide they could possibly end up giving the wrong amount of medicine dosage to a patient, which could end up causing death if it was too much. Medical assistants are sometime asked to find the height and weight of a patient and then graph it on a standard graph. Therefore, knowing how to graph is great as well. I remember being in high school asking my teacher will I ever really math and graphs in the real world and she replied “yes”. Being a young and playful I didn’t really believe her and also not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I did just enough to pass. However, if I knew my major was going to end up...

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