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Duty To Train Essay

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AbstractTraining is of paramount importance in order to enable police today to fulfill their many complex roles and to accomplish the missions of their organizations. Generally, training begins the day you are hired. In some agencies, such as the New Jersey State Police, training is a pre-employment requirement. Regardless of when a police officer/trooper receives his/her training to enter the profession, it is only the start of a training process that must remain intact until the day he/she retires. Consider the following quote taken from a 1995 Law Enforcement Magazine article written by Ed Nowicki. " The prototype police officer for the next millennium will probably require the compassion of Mother Teresa, strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger, shooting skills of Dirty Harry, intelligence of Albert Einstein, wit of Will Rogers and patience of Ghandi. But until perfect officers can be genetically engineered, then cloned, society will be served by men and women who receive special training to meet complex demands of a modern, growing and rapidly changing society." The key point is that there are no perfect police officers, but through special training, police officers can be developed to deal successfully with today's society. A police officer has a duty to serve and police organizations have a duty to train.DUTY TO TRAINTraining and development characterize a planned effort by an organization to promoteemployees's learning of job related behaviors and skills. Some organizations distinguish between the two by using the term training for teaching low level or technical employees to perform current tasks, whereas development refers to teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for current and future responsibilities. For simplicity, we will refer to both as training.Years ago, many police departments hired a new police officer but did not really address the issue of training. Some agencies started their officers with not much more than a brief orientation tour and a few days with a senior officer. This type of training offered little or no structure, few guidelines, and relied heavily upon trial and error. Many departments lacked the size and resources to train their own personnel and the funds to pay other agencies to train them. For many departments this method was working, therefore, nothing more was needed.In recent years law enforcement agencies have had to deal with a much more complex society. Not only have police work and the legal system become more complicated, but public awareness and scrutiny have been greatly escalated. For these reasons, the vast majority of law enforcement agencies began training their officers in some form of academic setting. Police academies, the first phase of formal training, vary widely in their length and methods of training. They provide police recruits with a foundation of academic and technical knowledge upon which police organizations can and must build. They teach the how of accomplishing tasks,...

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