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Intellectual property rights are normally regional; each region abides by different laws (YU, 2012). Still the software copyright holders can’t attain the patent protection worldwide. As a substitute they obtain the patent rights in each region or country they want to sell these works or products (YU, 2012). This paper will outline what Justification and rights that are obtained and how strong of a defence can be enforced in conjunction with the variations of the Intellectual property rights in each region and country. There are differences in policies and laws, the copyright holder will still try to prevent their products or works from being sold in the black market. Furthermore this paper will be discussing the salient features of the copyright and related rights act 2000 that supports this case on Intellectual property rights for each region and if it is opened to debate as to what laws are enforced to protect these rights from being copied and displayed on the internet, and how they can so be restricted to a certain region for the products and works to function. There are ways around these restrictions by modifying and changing its settings. Intellectual property rights haven’t been an issue till lately (nineteenth century) it’s difficult to establish the grounds on how to deal with it, which can be implied with the agreement on trade-related aspects.
Salient features:

There are noticeable features of the act which can support the IP and copyrights for DVDS and DVDs Games data products, but there are some uncertainties in the law which can only protect the rights of the owner’s patent as far as their own region conversely if the owner wants to protect their works or product in another country then they need to abide by their law and draw another patent in that region.
The Irish Copyright Law and the Copyright Act 2000 states that:
17.—(1) Copyright is a property right whereby, subject to this Act, the owner of the copyright in any work may undertake or authorise other persons in relation to that work to undertake certain acts in the State, being acts which are designated by this Act as acts restricted by copyright in a work of that description (Anon., 2014).

(2) Copyright subsists, in accordance with this Act, in—
(a) Original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works.
(b) Sound recordings, films, broadcasts or cable programmes.
(c) The typographical arrangement of published editions.
(d) Original databases (Anon., 2014).

(3) Copyright protection shall not extend to the ideas and principles which underlie any element of a work, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts and in respect of original databases: shall not extend to their contents and is without prejudice to any rights subsisting in those contents (Anon., 2014).

(4) Copyright shall not subsist in a work unless the requirements for copyright protection specified in this Part with respect to qualification are complied with (Anon., 2014).


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