Dying For Beautiful Skin Essay

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Every day while watching television, viewers are bombarded by persuasive commercials that glorify the consumption of particular products. Some viewers are able to resist these temptations. Others will fail to research the product and will make blind purchases. Advertising companies use a variety of techniques to make their products stand out and to lure consumers into buying their products. The 2009 Neutrogena commercial features the new Deep Clean Shine Control Daily Scrub. The commercial effectively uses the pathos and logos appeal to convince woman across the globe that this product will work for them. By using the pathos and logos appeal, the commercial has a greater chance of convincing its viewers to buy the daily scrub. (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters 33-35).
In the 2010 commercial, Gabrielle Union advertises the new Deep Clean Shine Control Daily Scrub by Neutrogena. Since celebrities are placed at the top of America’s social hierarchy, having a celebrity, like Ms. Union, appear in a commercial helps gain the trust of consumers. Many people think that if it is “celebrity worthy” then, it must, in fact work. The beautiful, flawless Ms. Union extols the benefits of the daily scrub and how it can magically result in smooth, blemish-free skin. Since we know that all skin types are different, this glamorous product will not yield the same results for every consumer. In the article, “11 Causes of Dry Skin Problems,” Barney Kenet, a dermatologist from New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center, states that, “dry skin is not a sign of a skin condition or disease, but is simply caused by harsh soaps, itchy clothing, misusing moisturizer, and long, hot showers”(Griffin, Morgan R). If dry skin is caused by numerous factors, then it is likely that one product will not cure all cases of dry, oily skin. After watching this flawless model urge...

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