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Is it glorious to die for your country?.... This question hasbeen posed to many young people about to embark on war although theanswer has usually been 'yes' in response to their country due mainlyto the fact that the government instills it in the people of thecountry to support one's country and one way is to send young abledbodied men into the army. If you were one individual that was not infavour of fighting for your country you would surely become an outcastby the countries people. To avoid ridicule and becoming outcasted bythe people living around you, you would join the army just in thethought that you were obligated to for the sole sake of your country.Such thoughts were reinforced by the government promotion ofpropaganda. Glorifying death is not needed to be taught and should beup to the sole individual. School systems should teach an unbiasedpoint of view of war to enable the child to make their own decisionto fight for one's country.Within the education system it was instructed to the teachersto teach the children at a young age during the brink of war toinstill that their the life of the country and for them to defendtheir country against the enemy. Teachers showed being in a army wasrepresenting honour and the pride of the country. Guilt was laid onthe students who showed rebellion by the teacher. Many times theteacher would try to show a soldier that looks happy and contenttrying to represent being a soldier makes you happy and content.Many young inexperienced soldiers were sent to training campsnear the battle fields that they would soon be sent to fight, fortheir country and their life. The training camps were situated onsimilar enviroments that resembled the battle fields of where thefighting would take place. Reinforced displine to the young andignorant men.Trench warfare is when many soldiers of opposing countriesfight against each other across a vast desolate, dirt covered land,and the only sense of cover was to crouch in a usually water loggedtrench. The sense of death engulfed your very soul, the constantbombardment of shells echo in your mind long after it had ceased.On the Western front conditions were horrible to say theleast, stench of death remained constantly in the air, bodies riddledwith bullet wounds lay across the bottoms of the trenches, dismemberedbodies scattered across the landscape and the sounds of agonizing anddying men echo across the battle grounds. Very limited rationsoffering very little in flavour was the only food available to thesoldiers. Often raining, it caused muddy, damp conditions. The menstaying in a trench filled with water and muddy conditions oftencaused such diseases as trench foot and trench mouth. Contagiousdiseases were spread quickly. Lack of cleaniness gave many soldierslice and rats would run through the trenches feeding...

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