Dynamic Character In Rose Under Fire

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Before Rose was sent to concentration camp, in Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein, she was a remarkably different character. Rose did not understand true distress and suffering and thought the biggest treachery in the world were the V1 flying bombs she referred to as “doodlebugs.” Even when Rose was an ATA pilot she experienced a lot of hardships: flying planes across England, not getting enough sleep and having a shortage of food, but she never would have thought it could get any worse than hearing the doodlebugs explode over England. As Rose’s friend, Maddie tells Rose about her encounter with the doodlebug Rose comments to herself “I hate to admit this, but I am so scared of the flying bombs that if I’d known about them ahead of time I would not have come” (11). Although it has been her dream to serve as an ATA pilot, Rose would never have made it happen if she knew about the consequences. Rose complains about the small glimpse of war she sees from Southampton thinking that having no butter, the lack of sleep and distress is the most dreadful experience. Even though Rose is undergoing war she does not know a lot about the war outside of England and as Felicita starts talking about concentration camp Rose asks in curiosity “What is a concentration camp, Fliss?” (42). Rose is clearly not exposed to the horrors going on around her and does not know to what extent Jews and civilians are suffering. In conclusion, Rose Moyer Justice is very secluded from the knowledge of World War Two at the beginning of Rose Under Fire.
The conflict of the novel begins when Rose is captured by German pilots during her flight back to England and is sent on an inconceivable journey through women’s concentration camp in Ravensbruck. Even when Rose first lays eyes on the place she will be living in for the next eight months, a rough and unwelcoming greeting pursues. She is yanked out of the truck that brought her here and dragged into line of about 400 women where she stands, not being allowed...

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