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Dynamic Key Management System For Improving Security In Three Tier Environment

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The key management problem is an bigger issue in sensor field. Each and every sensor nodes are needed to transmit the node, then only the data’s are reached to base station, so each and every sensor node within a group need an keys to transmit the data. While attacker entered and also get the full access of sensor node, and ready to hack data, but they need to wait. Because the node are none of the keys at the time, transmitting time only the nodes get access of keys from the cluster head. A cluster having a variety of group in the network and each and every groups are specified using their names. All of the groups are having the number of nodes to transmit the information over the network.

The pair-wise key establishment between the sensor nodes are still more difficult to handle. Attackers are not easily handle the sensor nodes, they need to get the full access of node and also they try get the access of cluster. But the cluster get won’t allow to compromising the group and the cluster head provide the duplicated data’s, if the attacker give any kind of problem to sensor nodes.

Recent advances in wireless technology provide the security of blocking the attackers and also need to eliminate the attackers in the network. But in this paper providing the new technique to handle the attacker using an duplicated data as an backbone and also using dynamic key management in this system to providing the more security of the data’s in the wireless sensor network (WSN). So attackers are get confused to finds the original data’s. They don’t know the original data’s are safely send to the base station.

The Key activity of this paper is to avoid the data loss in the network and also providing the safety way to save the network. But the only the pressure work of this paper is the managing the keys, because only the transmitting time only the cluster head to providing the key to group of nodes. So timing of sending key to the nodes are vital work for cluster head. If the cluster head making any late to providing the key to nodes may be the traffic conjunction will occur.

Dynamic Key Management

Dynamic key management is an important concept in this proposed scheme. This key management system having lot of keys for distributed to authenticated nodes. Using this key management concept giving more securable transaction of data’s in rare network. Which means to save the data’s from attackers and send the sensed data’s to the authenticated nodes. While attacker try to compromise the node, but they won’t does it. Because the nodes don’t have any keys at normal time, only the transaction time only the nodes got the key. At normal time the attacker won’t get any nodes, so the cluster head also don’t have any pressure to do the providing work. While the transmitting time cluster head initialize the work to assigning the keys to all of the nodes and also ready to provide the keys. The nodes are got the keys and also...

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