Dynamism Of Form, Technological Feats, Artistry In Expression

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Dynamism of form,Technological Feats,Artistry in expressionArchitecture can and has many faces. There is a plethora of definitions which have been developed and collaborated to constitute the world of Architecture. Jonathon Glancey has captured two concepts of how Architecture has functioned and how it functions today. He states quite assertively that "Architecture is continually evolving art, it is the moment a building is imbued with a knowing magic that transforms it from a mere shelter into that of a self conscious work of art, and through it we frame our lives". This essay provides the opportunity for me to examine the truthfulness of his philosophy by sifting through antiquity with the ideas of 'Dynamism of Form, Technological Feats and Artistry in Expression' in mind. I will first provide a full explanation of how artistic architects have been in their expression of their beliefs in their construction of buildings, while considering the issues of change and innovation and secondly how it framed the lives of the people in those ears. This will be aided by examples photos and diagrams from the Classical era.To aid the full comprehension of ones ideas it is advisable to use definitions. This is because the uses of terms differ in meaning depending on the context in which it is used. The terms in this essay may take on various meanings in different discussions or jargons, however in Architecture they relate specifically to the development of structures. The terms dynamism of form relates to how the structural form of buildings changes. This is believed to be in accordance with technological feats (;technological innovation simply refers to new devices, implements, mechanical and such that aids in the development and construction of buildings), whereas artistry in expression is the use of artistic skills merged with construction design to convey ideas, create beauty and whatever else the architect intends them for. All three afore mentioned terms speak in volumes about innovation, change and structure and other elements that help to define good architecture. Finally, the answer to 'what is art?' Art is embodied creativity.To really examine Architecture, first an experience of the place must be had. In this case that is not possible. Therefore, effort will be made in helping the reader feel and experience the Genius Loci. In his book The Classical Language of Architecture (1988), John Summerson Informs the reader in rather comprehensible terms about the nit-and-grit about classicism. Below is an excerpt is provided from his book that will help to guide the topic being discussed in this essay.Classic Architecture has its roots in antiquity in the worlds of Greece and Rome; in the temple architecture of the Greek world, and in the religious, military and civic architecture of the Romans… A classical building is one whose decorative elements derive directly and indirectly from the architectural vocabulary of the ancient world- the...

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Dynamism Of Form, Technological Feats, Artistry In Expression

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