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Dynasty Debate Essay

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” - Albert Einstein. The Han Dynasty invented some of the fundamental tools that contributed to the development of the Han dynasty, and to the quote previously stated. Some of these beneficial technologies are paper, which allowed them to write down laws, philosophies, and messages, improved agricultural tools, which allowed them to make farming easier and more efficient, and the seismograph that allowed them to tell when an earthquake struck, was the blueprint for other seismographs, the beginning of the eight directions.
The invention of paper greatly impacted the Han Dynasty and the modern world. Paper was ...view middle of the document...

The improvement of agricultural tools was a fundamental invention that strongly influenced the Han Dynasty greatly. The invention of the wheelbarrow was very influential to the development of the dynasty, because it allowed farmers to carry and transport heavier loads with less effort. The wheelbarrow was invented by Chuko Liang (181-234 A.D.), and was used to transport supplies for injured soldiers. The Chinese wheelbarrows had two wheels and required two men or an ox to operate and turn.They also improved the plows, by making them completely out of iron, and improving the moldboard technology. Now, the plows were able to invert the soil well and make a true furrow. (a long, narrow indentation in a surface). That meant that the plants planted in the furrows that the plows made, had access to nutrients from under the soil. Not only did they invent the wheelbarrow and improve the plow, they also created chain pumps. Chain pumps helped farmers move water from low irrigation ditches or canals up to their fields, farms and plantations. The chain pump was operated using foot pedals which turned a wheel connected to planks. That helped farmers, because it meant that they could irrigate their fields, even if they were above the canals. As stated before, the improved agricultural tools helped the Han Dynasty’s development.
The invention of the seismograph also had an influence on the Han Dynasty. It was invented in 132 A.D, by Zhang Heng, a famous scientist from the Eastern Han Dynasty. Its mechanism consisted of eight levers, a ball connected to a pendulum, eight dragon figures with balls in each of their mouths, and eight toad...

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