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Dysfunctional Medical Insurance Essay

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Dysfunctional Medical Insurance

A mom is waiting frantically in the local emergency room while her little girl continues to cry with pain. An hour goes by without any news as to when she will finally be treated. At last, their number gets called and they go over to the registration desk. The lady behind the desk opens their file and shakes her head in disbelief as she turns to look at yet another mother with remorse. She continues to tell the mother that the hospital has refused to provide medical attention to her little girl due to insurance problems. This scenario is sadly very common in the lower class families with little or no insurance coverage, in fact “20% of the U.S. population lacks medical coverage” (Richman). While the initial idea of medical insurance seems more beneficial than not, the current health insurance situation has caused many negative repercussions for both the patients and the physicians. Some of these disadvantages include: denial of health care, compromised medical attention, astronomical billings, privacy issues, discriminatory plans, and even possible risks of fraud.

The original idea of medical insurance should have been a noble way to help Americans afford medical bills in a case of an emergency or just routine physicals and check-ups. A lot of Americans coming from different financial situations could not afford the emergency or even the customary treatments and would therefore go without medical attention. This obviously had dire consequences on the patients’ health, thus forcing the need of an alternative option. “Fortunately, a handful of physicians associated with Sacramento's Sutter General Hospital saw beyond the despair. Seeing a need for an alternative health care financing vehicle in the early 1930s, the doctors created the first open enrollment hospital insurance plan in the United States” (Sutter Health). As originally planned, this new medical insurance proposed benefits to both the doctors and the patients; patients could afford to be treated, while doctors could see more patients-even of the lower income class. Somehow—between then and now, the plan has been twisted and turned around so much that it has lost some of its greatest benefits and reputation. Because of the numerous loop holes in the current insurance plan, I believe that right now the drawbacks and disadvantages are overshadowing the benefits.

By making this plan for insurance on human health, the insurance agencies are making trillions upon trillions of dollars on people who would usually skip going to the doctor for a common cold. Initially, the insurance policies were made to help in emergency situations for people who had a broken a leg, or had to have major surgery and could not afford the price of high-technology treatment. The insurance would have made the customer pay about fifty dollars a month out of they’re hard-earned money whether they were going to use it or not, for medical treatment. Still, the...

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