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Dyslexia: The Social Problem Essay

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Many of us can identify with struggling at least once during our school years. Imagine struggling every day and in every class just cause your learning strategy is not the same as everyone else. Dyslexia is a specific difficulty with learning how to read or write in nearly 3.5 million American children (Dyslexia Research Trust). This difficulty originates in children who are normally intelligent and receive adequate teaching; however, they are not able to process information as efficiently as regular learners. Dyslexia is an inherited condition, which children inherit from parents or family members. The condition results from abnormal nerve cells usually inherited which make children ...view middle of the document...

A therapy is effective when it helps the child meet their needs during every session based on learning needs. Other treatments to help improve dyslexia include yellow and blue filters for visions improvement, auditory training, and improving nutrition by providing dyslexics with Omega-3 fatty acids. Dyslexia is not a disease and does not need a cure because dyslexics are born with special abilities that do not include reading or writing but it will not harm them to improve reading and writing.
The disability comes with consequences for dyslexics because it can harm the way a person communicates in everyday life. Dyslexia not only affects the way a person read or writes but causes an individual’s self-esteem to decrease. Dyslexics begin to frustrate themselves when they are unable to read and write at the same level as individuals around them. Frustration leads dyslexics to become anxious due to their frustrations with learning in school. Dyslexics are unable to perform as everyone else and dyslexics are anxious to do nothing that will cause confusion. The self-image of a dyslexic...

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