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Dystopian Comparison Between The Road And The Island

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The two dystopian texts, The Road which is written by Cormac McCarthy and The Island directed by Michael Bay are great examples of a dystopian world. The Road is a post-apocalyptic novel where a father and son have nothing but the dirty clothes on their backs, a pistol and a cart filled with scavenged items. Their destination however is the coast, despite not know if anything awaits them there. The Island is an advanced world where clones of “real” people are made in order to help people live longer. These two mediums are fairly similar once you go in-depth. The two works, The Road and The Island have common dystopian characteristics which are the use of brute force, alienation and ...view middle of the document...

Character development and the use of brute force go hand-in-hand with these two works. In The Road, after the father is forced to kill the man that is threatening his son it is comprehensible that both characters will behave differently based on what they experienced. “The man fell back instantly and lay with blood bubbling from the hole in his forehead. The boy was lying in his lap with no expression on his face at all” (McCarthy, pg. 66). In other words, the boy was so shocked by the situation he was in; this caused him to change his attitude towards outsiders. In the same manner, The Island has important character development that causes the protagonists to change their behaviour. For instance, when Jordan Two Delta and Lincoln Six Echo escaped and went to Tom Lincoln’s house, this scene created tremendous amounts of drama. There was an altercation that resulted in the client –Tom Lincoln- dying, which was a great example of how the characters developed. After this scene the protagonist realized how careless and willing they were to hurt others in order to get them back to the facility. The scene allowed the protagonist -Lincoln Six Echo- to develop and take extra precautions to maintain safety. Six Echo would always be on his toes metaphorically speaking; looking back every so often, and thinking through his plans. This leads into the theme that is related to brute force which is that people will do anything to survive.

The theme that is comparable to this dystopian characteristic is that individuals will do whatever they can to survive. In the movie the actor Steve Buscemi, who is Lincoln’s friend says this to the character. “Don’t trust anyone; people will do whatever they can to live” (The Island). Throughout these two works this theme is clear. A perfect example of this from the movie would be when the “products” were at the house of Tom Lincoln, he said that he was going upstairs to grab his jacket, but in truth, he called to have them taken back to the facility; basically betraying the clones so that he can live a longer life. Likewise an example from the book would be when the protagonists had to look back on the ones that needed help; the biggest event was when the two characters found the old man walking on the road and after only a day letting him go on his own. Bringing us into the last dystopian virtue which is alienation of mankind.

Last but not least, the dystopian characteristic that is comparable to both the mediums is the alienation and dehumanization of individuals. Throughout The Island and The Road this attribute is very distinctive. In the movie, the clones are isolated from the world entirely in the hope to keep the clones from learning the truth about the real world. Similarly in The Road the characters are too terror-stricken to help people they meet along the way thus singling themselves out. “What is wrong with the man?” “He’s been struck by lightning” “Can’t we help him? Papa?” “No. We can’t help him”...

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