Using A New Medium To Present E Book Information

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During my project 3 remediation of project 2 there are a few things that I will be doing in order to reach a new audience using a new medium. The first item that I will explain is my new specific audience that I will be using, which is people that are using print books and are thinking about using e-books. The audiences that I am targeting will need to understand why they will not be able to survive as well as how e-books will take over. I will also be targeting students that will like to use e-books for school. I will also explain my use of pathos in my new medium. The last thing that I will explain is Prezi presentation as my medium, as well as techniques that I have used within the medium. Some of these techniques include; color, visuals, and a link to Facebook. My new medium and use of a rhetorical appeal along with my audience will allow me to be effective in giving this information.
The audience that I will be targeting is people that are still using print books and are thinking about using e-books and also students that are thinking about using e-books for school. The reasons that I have chosen these audiences is because in my project two I spoke about the future of print books. My argument stated that print books will not be able to survive in the new world of e-books. For students specifically the use of e-books will show to be an easier less bulky method of carrying around textbooks.
This rhetorical appeal would be pathos or the appeal to emotion. I chose to use this appeal because I feel that the audience may be emotionally attached to their print books in some way. This might be the reason that they have not switched to e-books or are hesitant about switching to e-books. The ways that I will use pathos is to show that although there might not be a future for print books, there is an upside to e-books. I will show that the reader can still be happy with e-books. For example in my Prezi presentation I stated that with e-books downloads can happen instantaneously rather than having to go to a store or waiting in the mail to receive the book.
The last part to my remediation is my medium that I will be using which will be a Prezi presentation. In this presentation I...

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