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Analysis of Three Websites:Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Half Price BooksAbstractThe purpose of this document is for to review three websites - Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books. The review will cover the following areas:Look and Feel of each site.Ease of Navigation of each site.The conclusion and ranking of the three sites from worst to best online service.IntroductionAmazon.com revolutionized the e-commerce world and the book selling world when it hit the Internet in July of 1995. Its original goal was to make buying books fun and easy. Since then, Amazon.com has grown to serve 13 million people in more than 160 countries and has become the leading online shopping site. To boost its reach, Amazon.com has added a variety of other products and has gained a reputation with its wide selection of products, innovative use of customer data, excellent customer service, and ease of use of the website.Amazon,com did to Barnes & Noble online (the largest bricks and mortar book seller) what B&N did to all the other booksellers - take over the book sales market. Barnes & Noble formed Barnesandnoble.com in an effort to stave off Amazon.coms' consumption of B&N's market. Since, the two book giants have been matching wits and market savvy to grab a big piece of this growing market.In 1972, Half Price Books opened their first store in a converted laundry mat in Dallas, Texas. The company co-founders (Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson) stocked the store with more than 2,000 books from their personal libraries. Half Price Books was created with the idea of offering a great product at a great price - and it worked! Today, Half Price Books is America's favorite new and used bookstore chain. The company's simple philosophy continues under the leadership of Sharon Anderson Wright, daughter of Pat Anderson.Today Half Price Books has more than 80 retail stores in 14 states, with each store carrying a unique variety of new and used books, music, movies and games. The company continues to grow having opened new stores in Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky and Texas within the past year. In 2005, Half Price Books expanded its stores to the Chicago area, opening in the Village of Niles and has plans to open about 12 stores in the Chicago area by the end of 2007. Currently, conditions are beginning to look as if Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble should watch out for the up and coming competitor Half Price Books.Amazon.comAmazon.com is an eCommerce company that is based in Seattle, Washington that is one of the first major companies to sell goods by using a site on the Internet. The originator, Jeff Bezos saw the Internet as holding great potential for a business operation to be successful. The store website was designed in 1994 and went active in 1995 as an online bookstore. Jeff named the website Amazon.com after the Amazon River, which is huge in volume and serves as a metaphor for the business. Most large bookstores can only carry 200,000 titles in their...

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