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December 16, 2008E-Business Marketing StrategiesThe gaining acceptance to the use of the Internet has required the marketing strategies of the online e-Business in the U.S. Developing business opportunities has given the Internet on business to innovations that has transformed to not just one business sector but in every business sector. With the new approaches has become to see the significant changes in the environment that requires these new approaches to be thought about in the e-Business sector. Ivilliage is one those e-Business sectors that has an e-Business marketing strategy that will be covered as the marketing related activities. Ivilliage is one website that shows us the use of the Web to support and improve the marketing process. The process will cover target market, Internet business model, evaluation of competitive strategy, name value, web design, differentiation strategy, and Ivilliage 's venturing into e-commerce. Ivilliage is the website one chosen to analyze his or her e-strategies from the consumer's point of view.Background of iVilliage Inc.Ivilliage.com established in 1995 is recognized as the leading women media company to be the number one source for women's information online. Ivilliage is organized into branded communities across multiple topics of high performance to women to offer interactive service, content, peer support, and online access to experts and tailored shopping opportunities. "Content areas include Astrology, Babies, Beauty, Diet & Fitness, Entertainment, Food, Health, Home & Garden, Money, and Work," (Forbes, 2002).Targeted MarketIvilliage focusing on a specific niche market with the women aged 25 to 49. According to the Women's Consumer Network, women control 85% of all personal and household goods spending.Women also consume more media then men per day (8.8 hours versus 8.2 hours) and they currently account for 43% of Internet or online service users. Furthermore, according to an Ivilliage Women's Net monitor poll taken in February 1998, the Internet is no longer a place to gather information passively. In fact, women are using it to solve problems in real life. 77% of women go online primarily to explore and 86% stay because they find information that helps them get through their own daily lives. In addition, more women rated the online community as an important part of their livesThe Internet s going to be the mode of discourse for the 21st century…If women stay with the telephone, which is too costly, and letter writing, we will be left behind and we will be left out of the discussion, decisions and conversations, (Tucker, 1995). Thus, people can understand why women's websites have grown. Ivilliage have attempted to occupy this powerful niche market. Each company develops a special strategy to attach more consumers.Internet Business ModelThe Internet Business Model "is the system-components, linkages, and associated dynamics-that takes advantage of the properties of the Internet to...

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