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E Business (Qrt 2) – Task 1 Essay

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Social Media Options
Social media give Rehab Med Care the opportunity to talk directly to customers. With a properly created content, customers or potential clients can find the messages and read it. In the internet, word of mouth spreads faster. By becoming an active participant instead of simply the subject of conversation you can foster communication with your customers and increase brand awareness (Eley & Tilley, 2009).
Facebook pages provide a venue for an online presence for groups, organizations, and small businesses (Stokes, R., 2010). Facebook is not hype and will last because people by nature are social beings who like to connect with others. Advertising through Facebook allows a company to make online sales, have their brand followed and let people publicize the presence of such a company. The main reason companies advertise on Facebook is to establish followers. Facebook also increases website traffic and use followers of a website to circulate the services the company offers. Marketers can also use social networks (Facebook) to identify how users perceive or interact with their brand and open up new avenues of communication with them (Stokes , R.,2010). Facebook also is a low cost marketing strategy. Facebook allows you to share information about your company, and allow users to be interactive and communicate with present and prospect customers (Young, 2013).
With a customer base of people ages 25 years old and over whom are the family members and caretakers of persons requiring home health care, Facebook is a perfect fit for Rehab Med Care. Rehab Med Care serves the Houston and surrounding areas. Houston alone has a population of almost 3 million with around 1.8 million people over age 25 (male and female) who are using Facebook (Ward, 2010). Based on the number of Facebook users in Houston, Rehab Med Care will be at an advantage using Facebook as a social media option. Facebook benefits the customer base. Facebook makes it easier for the customer base to access advertisement published on the sites. Customers or potential clients will be informed if the company is offering services with special deals or promotions. Companies can also assist customers with their questions regarding services. Rehab Med Care can also benefit by using Facebook. Facebook is a low cost marketing strategy and allows you to share information about your company (Young, 2013). Facebook allows its users to communicate with present and prospective customers, increases traffic to your website and raises awareness to your website (Young, 2013).
You Tube
YouTube ( is essentially a web site that, by using Flash technology, allows users to upload, view, and share videos with the rest of the connected world and these videos can range from music, movie, and television clips to homemade amateur videos and vlogs, or video blogs (Stokes , R.,2010) Previously, uploading and sharing media with others was difficult but sites like...

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