E Business Systems Implementation: A Report On Success/Failure

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The impact of electronic commerce on the economy extends far beyond the dollar value of e-commerce activity. Business are using e-commerce to establish and extend competitive advantage by providing more useful information, expanding choice, developing new services, streamlining purchasing processes and lowering costs.Many organizations have been involved in electronic commerce (for example trading electronically through proprietary systems like Electronic Data Interchange, EDI) for many years, and have had ample opportunities to assess the benefits of the implementation of information and communication technologies in their business processes. Supply Chain Management has emerged as a key lever in creating value for today's companies as they seek to lower costs, increase asset productivity and improve customer relationships. Supply chains exist in both service and manufacturing organizations. The research was undertaken for evaluation and adoption an e-business strategy for our manufacturing company that trades electronically with suppliers. The research is carried out by analyzing and comparing two case studies which represent true business to business applications. The initial research model was based on General Motors, as a truly representative U.S.-based automobile manufacturer, has several characteristics that make it a good example of how e-procurement is reshaping U.S. manufacturing. Another case study indicates the challenges faced by ChangAn Auto Co. Ltd., and how the company addressed these challenges in its respective business segments. We analyze how e-business systems can support and enhance a company's core business processes. The paper concludes with a brief recommendation of the planned implementation of an e-business system for our company.IntroductionBusiness to Business (B2B) electronic commerce (e-commerce) is relevant to many different industries leveling the playing field between businesses. Traditional boundaries that separate industries are beginning to blur and new opportunities arising. For example, by utilizing the appropriate electronic commerce principles and web-based technology, telecommunications companies offer financial services to their client base. This does not necessarily require the development and control of core financial services products within their infrastructure, but more a collaborative effort of a number of other parties interacting electronically to provide the service. The end result is an integrated system that is represented to the client as a single interface.The automotive industry continues to experience challenges in ever-changing market supply and demand variability, rising costs, and from sophisticated customers with a taste for innovative products. While OEMs and component manufacturers are trying to maintain growth and profitability, attention to critical issues such as R&D, and collaboration with suppliers and dealers/customers will play an important role in their strategy.In the new...


Examining a Business Failure Paper

1122 words - 4 pages is the norm. The auditors were also unethical in the failure of Enron. The Audit Committee of the Board should have been more critical of the auditors and their work. But because the prices and earnings of stocks were continuously rising, there was no need to investigate the internal accounting processes of Enron or the opinion letters of the accounting firm. The Board had a false sense of security and was very happy with the success of Enron

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939 words - 4 pages the development of a vision and of future strategies the company did establish changes that were necessary to the success of that vision. Lack of research entering into a new market fell on the leadership of the company while only the growth potential was taken into consideration. Moving into a new market, leadership must devise plans that will encompass all areas of the business. In this case the need for growth against large American companies

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1087 words - 4 pages its trucking routes, created air hubs, and developed a $150 million advertising campaign. DHL focused on aspects of the freight business in which the company felt were overlooked. The company focused on improving customer service while molding employees into more of a customer-friendly workforce (Ewing 2008).DHL FailsIn the five years since DHL purchased Airborne it has lost an estimated $10 billion. The company set modest goals hoping to capture

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1355 words - 5 pages AbstractThis Virtual Organization E-Business Paper will focus on Smith Systems Consulting. As Smith Systems expands, it will increasingly conduct e-business on an international basis.As such, this paper will address the following:a. Analyze the legal issues that the company may face when conducting ebusiness and discuss possible solutions; andb. Identify issues that may arise in the company's international business and discuss the conflicts of

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3266 words - 13 pages ] Community Epidemiology Work Group. “Epidemiologic Trends in Drug Abuse: Advance Report.” National Institutes of Health and National Institute on Drug Abuse. December, 1999. [17] www.drugsense.org [18] “Gangster Cops,” a lecture by Joseph McNamara, Stanford University. Engineering 297, April 30, 2003. [19] “Gangster Cops,” a lecture by Joseph McNamara, Stanford University. Engineering 297, April 30, 2003. [20] “Vicente Fox on the Transition, NAFTA, Corruption, Drugs, the Economy...” Business Week: July 17, 2000.

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3786 words - 15 pages 600,000 people. But the greatest success was simply informing the world that these problems existed and that they should be tackled. No one had done that before the League. These problems were being investigated by the League and were then taken aboard by the UN and this was a success. But all these successes were easily forgotten and were not given importance at all because of its failure in the 1930s.The League had a hard time stopping

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1818 words - 7 pages , he is mistaken. In reality, Willy and sons are not, and cannot, be successful. Willy was not successful at anything he did in life. He was a failure as a father, husband and businessman. Willy was not a good father because he focused too much on his career and his false dreams and ignored his family. Since he was always away on business trips he never really got to know his sons well. His love for his sons was based on their achievements

A successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation requires integration of technology with business strategy and assessing the impact of the system on all aspects of the business;

9755 words - 39 pages make the final opinion.The Overview of Chapter-2Review of Related literature:The study into Public Sector Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems revolves around the success factors of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation as it not only depends on integration of technology but also on a good outsourcing effort as a business strategy and also on hypothesis that states the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that

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3048 words - 12 pages need for improvement needs national attention. Data collected from Medicare claims to identify risk factors on patients with a prior hospitalization for CHF were commonly found to be readmitted for heart failure (37.0%), pneumonia (5.1%), renal failure(3.9%), and nutritional-related or metabolic issues (37.0%). While readmission data gives insight into the factors behind readmission, Medicare penalties are not based on readmission diagnosis

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718 words - 3 pages 1. Introduction This memo is a failure analysis report on the Tacoma Narrows bridge. The bridge collapsed on November 7th, 1940 just over four months after it was opened to the public on July 1st, 1940(Green, 2006). The only casualties(good word??) from the bridge collapse were reporter Leonard Coatsworth’s car and dog. The bridge’s design and failure will be discussed, as well as new suspension bridge design methods. 2. Description of

This is a novel study report on the book "Something For Joey" by Richard E. Peck. This report takes the basis of a journalist reviewing this book.

571 words - 2 pages football team, play and score touchdowns. The Cappelletti had to endure emotional hardships and triumphs as the family goes through with Joey's treatments for Leukemia and his undying love for his brother.Richard E. Peck is an experienced author in writing books on true stories. Some of his other works include, but not limit: The New Mexico Experience: 1598-1998: The Confluence of Cultures (University of New Mexico, $90) and Final Solution

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3802 words - 15 pages ) ‘Auditing E-business: new challenges for external auditors’, The Journal of American Academy of Business, 4 (1), pp. 28-41. Bradford, M., Florin, J. (2003) ‘Examining the role of innovation diffusion factors on the implementation success of enterprise resource planning systems’, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 4(3), pp. 205-225. DeLone, W.H., McLean, E.R. (1992) ‘Information systems success: the quest for the

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2583 words - 11 pages take a long time to achieve one solution. Even though need to faced many limitation during doing this research, how to handle it is very important. CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 3.1 SAMPLING TECHNIQUE 3.1.1 Target population This project research on the implementation of e-business for ABMK Garage operation system, involves the owner of the company, Mr.Hazwan Manaf and their workers. Meanwhile, the target user also