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Question 1
SWOT analysis for JPeterman in evaluating the business strategy of the company.
There are several strengths experienced as a result of the strategy of the company. There effective communication through the use of “Peterman’s eye which included “talk with us” and “travel with us” which are daily topics being discussed. They also have a live customer service “live help” which answers questions relating to several issues including mailing list issue, order inquiry, website issue and others.
The company provides very unique merchandise. These include items such as their vintage collections example the spoon mold and furniture. These would probably be hard to find elsewhere. These items are originally from other countries and this site would be one of very few places which would sell these items.
The use of the Internet is another strength of the business. With the growth of the Internet this enables the business to provide an easy way for customers to acquire these products and find a description for these items. The website is not complicated in making a purchase and a customer can complete a transaction: signing in as a member and even more importantly the opportunity to make a purchase as a guest. It is far less complicated than other website as they only require an address and payment method which can be a motivating factor for customers to shop on this site.

The type of products offered is a weakness to this company. The business does not have an organized theme as they sell varying products. For example they sell women’s clothing where I could purchase a blouses, skirts and pants. On the other hand I could also purchase an Elm & Iron stool or a large copper colander. These items are usually for persons of a high income who collect items of various materials or persons who are looking for a specific item.
The company does not offer a wide range of products in a particular category. When I searched the children’s catalog, they only had five items. Therefore persons would not visit this site to search for products because there are no choices. This limited inventory of items is a weakness for the company.
Another weakness is that these items are expensive. They also do not readily make their prices available but can only be viewed by clicking on the item which shows the details. This can be a “turn off” for some persons as it can make the shopping experience very slow.
While shopping online customers may be reluctant to use their credits and prefer to use a third party such as PayPal. JPeterman’s website does not offer such a feature and could be a deterrent for some customers.
The website could be better optimized by the Internet. When I did a search for children’s sweaters, the company did not show in the Google results. I then did a further search for vintage scales and did not get any result showing JPeterman, but the company’s website came up when I searched for one-of-a-kind scale. This needs to be...

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